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    Jamaica Love: Owning the narrative around the culture and its global impact

    Jamaica Love with Sharine Taylor of Bashy Magazine

    Sharine Taylor is the founder of BASHY Magazine which focuses on the cultural production of Jamaica and its Diaspora. She realized early in her professional writing career that the conversations surrounding Jamaica’s cultural production was hardly ever talked about by Jamaicans. Sharine created BASHY as a response to the lack of digital representation and aims to shift conversations on and about Jamaica, back into the hands of Jamaicans on the island and in the diaspora. In this episode, we chat about…

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  • Inspiration from the Unexpected Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

    Inspiration from the Unexpected

    Inspiration often comes from the unexpected but usually at the right time. In this episode, I explore both sides of the unexpected, when one side is inspiration and the other side…

  • Alissa Jacques Shari Stiell Quashie of Shuga N Spice Magazine on Caribbean Culture is life not trend

    Caribbean Culture:Life not Trend

    “Caribbean culture is popping…Caribbean culture is it right now” In this episode, founders of Shuga N Spice Magazine – Alissa Jacques and Shari Stiell-Quashie, talk about Caribbean Culture in main stream;…

  • COF Podcast unwind with a book or playlist

    Unwind with a book or playlist

    I’m still in a summertime vibe and in this episode I discuss how I unwind with books and music. Also, how the commute to and from work are not for working.…