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    Getting Started in Cryptocurrency with Corey Stedman

    Getting Started into Cryptocurrency with Corey Stedman on Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

    Corey Stedman is a co-founder and director of Node Capital, a global technology company that applies data science to Cryptocurrency. Node Capital has developed a range of products applicable to the industry including: Pouch, an application that monitors and manages cryptocurrency wallets with the goal of assisting users to calculate and reconcile values of their cryptocurrency assets in real-time. In this episode, Corey gives us the basics of getting started in Cryptocurrency.   Highlights from this episode: Setting up an…

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  • Alissa Jacques Shari Stiell Quashie of Shuga N Spice Magazine on Caribbean Culture is life not trend

    Caribbean Culture:Life not Trend

    “Caribbean culture is popping…Caribbean culture is it right now” In this episode, founders of Shuga N Spice Magazine – Alissa Jacques and Shari Stiell-Quashie, talk about Caribbean Culture in main stream;…

  • COF Podcast unwind with a book or playlist

    Unwind with a book or playlist

    I’m still in a summertime vibe and in this episode I discuss how I unwind with books and music. Also, how the commute to and from work are not for working.…

  • Rethinking Success Work & Life To Birth Our True Self with Lisandra Rickards of Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean on Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

    Rethinking Success, Work & Life to Birth Our True Self

    Lisandra Rickards is Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean, where she has developed and delivered scaled initiatives to thousands of Caribbean entrepreneurs. Before joining the Branson Centre,…

  • these are some serious times betta mus come Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast with a clock on table

    These are some serious times…betta mus come

    A reflection on current events in light of Caribbean American Heritage Month and Immigrant Heritage Month.   Submit Questions or Suggest Topics http://www.carryonfriends.com/askkerry Email: hello@carryonfriends.com  Text: 347-875-0531 On Social @carryonfriends – Twitter | Instagram | Facebook…