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Jamaican Red Peas Soup Recipe Vegan Style

pot showing stew like contents


● 8 cups water

● 2 cups dry red kidney beans

● 4 cloves garlic, crushed

● 6 whole pimento berries

● 1 can Grace Coconut Milk

● 1 medium carrot, sliced

● 2 large Irish potato (aka Idaho potatos), diced

● 1 medium cho-cho (aka Chayote), diced

● 8 ounces dough for spinners dumplings

● 1 sprig thyme

● 2 stalks escallion, crushed

● 1 scotch bonnet pepper

● salt to taste

● Black Pepper to taste



1. Wash red kidney beans and add to water in a pot, add crushed garlic and pimento berries and soak over night.

2. add scotch bonnet pepper and Boil until the beans are tender.

3. Pour in the Grace Coconut Milk, add carrots, Irish potatoes and cho-cho.

4. Use the dough to make very small spinners and add to the mixture. Click to see how to make spinners.

5. Add the thyme, crushed escallion, salt and Grace Caribbean Traditions Black Pepper and simmer for about 10 minutes.


Let me know if you enjoyed your version of this Jamaican red peas soup recipe, vegan style.

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