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    How To Craft Your Best Life

    Eli DeFaria   You DON’T have a point to prove, but you DO have your BEST Life to craft. I have been known to walk out of jobs, fire clients, and…

  • Mommy let's talk money

    Mommy, Let’s Talk Money

    The Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, brunch and (if you were lucky) jewelry were lovely and now you’re back to your routine, but Mom there’s still ONE important thing that we…

  • black women as friends in the office

    Should you Have Best Friends at Work?

    A Friend In Need I recently had a convo with a friend (let’s call her Joy) who was upset about something at work. Joy discovered that someone whom she thought was…

  • group of african american men

    How I Found & Work with my Tribe

    “Friends would carry you, that’s a sure thing “, this is something my Grandma would say to me daily. Since art and expression will always be heavily influenced by our environment why…

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    Being a Woman in Business

    IT IS HARD! IT IS NOT EASY! You feel overwhelmed and then you have to deal with stuff like your period or with someone telling you that you want too much,…

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    Are you Prepared for the Skills Revolution?

    According to a report by Manpower Group, technology is playing a major role in what they are calling The Skills Revolution. The speed at which we are advancing technologically is causing…

  • Read and Carry On Feb Edition

    Read and Carry On: All About Relationships

    In this edition of Read and Carry On, I feature books that address some of the different relationships we have. These include spouses, family, community, customers, business and professional relationships.  …