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  • 2 women of color working together

    Career & Business Relationship Tips & Advice

    February tends to be the month when relationships are the big focus, especially romantic relationships. However, what about the other relationships we have with friends, family, colleagues or even business partners?…

  • woman painting goal digger on wall with Top 5 categories of new year goals

    Top 5 Categories of New Year Goals

    2018 is here and you’re ready to make this your year of Bold Achievable Goals. So what’s your focus this year? We’ve identified a few of the top categories of goals…

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    The Carry On Friends Ideal Job Worksheet

    What’s Your Ideal Job? We all have mental visions about our ideal job. Especially after hearing some news about what one company is doing or how another person’s career or work…

  • Articles

    A New Blueprint for Business Success

    Over the years, I’ve consulted with dozens of small and medium business owners, and I’ve even worked hands on with a few. Time and again, I’ve observed them chasing a grocery…

  • Articles

    How To Craft Your Best Life

    Eli DeFaria You DON’T have a point to prove, but you DO have your BEST Life to craft. I have been known to walk out of jobs, fire clients, and even…

  • woman walks with a little girl women and money

    Women and Money: Mommy, Let’s Talk Money

    Women Prioritize Your Financial Life Of all the topics trending and affecting us on a daily basis, women and money doesn’t get the visibility it should. The Mother’s Day breakfast in…