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    Are you Prepared for the Skills Revolution?

    According to a report by Manpower Group, technology is playing a major role in what they are calling The Skills Revolution. The speed at which we are advancing technologically is causing…

  • Read and Carry On Feb Edition

    Read and Carry On: All About Relationships

    In this edition of Read and Carry On, I feature books that address some of the different relationships we have. These include spouses, family, community, customers, business and professional relationships.  …

  • Relationships and Business

    Relationships and Business

    Lord, this is hard a topic that is near and dear to me. You see I have had the wonderful experience of having a significant other as a business partner. What…

  • How I set mega goals by Ameniki Omotola

    How I Set Mega Goals

    It’s coming to the end of January 2017 and everyone is on their New Year, new me flip! I don’t do resolutions but I do goals. I think setting goals is the…

  • Frustrated Woman Working At Desk

    Having Trouble Focusing? Try These

    Have you ever felt like there’s a lot to do and you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re doing stuff but having trouble focusing? Or you’re “multitasking” which means there’s not…

  • Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown bussoutyear

    How to Achieve a #Bussoutyear

    What is a #Bussoutyear? When we say #bussoutyear it means to intentionally step out with confidence into your purpose, achieve greatness and shine. Many of us are frustrated with where we…