Carry On Friends is where you will find authentically energetic Caribbean vibes; and thoughtful dialogue around culture, heritage, career and everyday life that make up the Caribbean American experience.

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  • COF 126 Radicalization in the Caribbean with Kiran Maharaj

    Ep. 126: Radicalization in the Caribbean

    Kiran Maharaj is the Managing Director of Caribbean Lifestyle Communications Media Network. She’s also the Co-Founder/Director – Caribbean Investigative Journalism Network and President – Media Institute of the Caribbean. In this episode I…

  • Podcast

    Ep. 125: Give Thanks

    Give Thanks! It’s easy to give thanks for when things are going great but what about when opportunities pass you by or when there’s tragedy?  Listen to me share what I’m…

  • A Nicole Campbell Building Up Non Profit Organizations on Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

    Ep. 123: Building Up Non Profit Organizations

    Barbadian American, Nic Campbell is the founder of Build Up Advisory Group; a firm that specializes in improving governance, grant making, and organizational design for philanthropies, and nonprofit organizations.  Prior to…

  • Clear Communication Starts with Self Awareness with Monique Russell on Carry On Friends the Caribbean Americna Podcast

    Ep.122: Clear Communication Starts with Self-Awareness

    Bahamian American Monique Russell MSC is an International Teacher, and Executive Communications Coach based in Atlanta, GA where she teaches effective communication strategies. Monique believes that knowing how to communicate confidently begins from…

  • Ep 120 A necessary check-in with Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown

    Ep. 120: A Necessary + Important Check-in

    We’re about to hit the 4th quarter of 2019 and I wanted to do this necessary check-in before the year ends because we’ve covered a lot of important content the last…

  • success is a long game with Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

    Ep 118: Success is a Long Game

    Success is a long game that requires you to show up regularly and consistently over time. How do you sustain playing this long game?  Create a vision, purpose, mission framework Build…