Helping Caribbean Americans Achieve Success

Whether you are a college student or professional, you or your parents moved to America to pursue the Dream. But the rules have changed on what it takes to achieve the success on their terms.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Sometimes it can feel like you're living a "double life" trying to do what your parents want while pursuing your goals. It's especially hard because they're sacrificed so much and you don't want to disappoint them. 

  • How do you navigate it?
  • What’s the same?
  • What’s different?
  • How do you achieve your goals without losing your roots or disappointing your parents?

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is a Jamaican born, NYC based founder of Carry On Friends. We help you achieve their version of success and the American Dream through our podcast and speaking engagements.

Kerry-Ann connected immediately with the students and was able to effectively share with them paths to career success...My students engaged with her by asking her question which led to them asking me about communications, entrepreneurship and how different majors couple help them in the future. I would often tell them to ask questions like this, but to have them intrinsically ask is far more valuable. Kerry-Ann's conversation with the students definitely opened their minds and expanded their definition of success. 

N. Jarvis
Guidance Counselor


Below are some of our most popular speaking topics:

  • Career Development & Strategy
  • Career Readiness (Students)
  • Leadership (Students & Professionals)
  • Entrepreneur Development

Please contact our team to discuss bringing Kerry-Ann to speak at your next event:

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