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5 Must Read Fiction Books by Caribbean Women Authors

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There are so many great Caribbean Women authors – some writing classical pieces of literature. However for Women’s History Month, I wanted to share some of my favorite fiction books by Caribbean Women that may not be as well known.

Check out these books and enjoy!

“An Untamed State” by Roxanne Gay (Haiti)

cover of book untamed state by roxanne gay

An Untamed State by Roxane Gay (Haiti) –  Gay is also known for her many short stories, this is the first novel for the author.  An Untamed State is a “can’t put it down, thrilling read” and I  can’t wait for you to cozy up with it.

“The Secret Life of Winnie Cox” by Sharon Maas (Guyana)

Secret Life of Winnie Cox

Set in Guyana, The Secret Life of Wine Cox is a historical fiction and is a mesmerizing great read. I especially enjoyed this book because not many books are set in Guyana then know as British Guiana;  offering a rare glimpse. Intertwined in the story of forbidden love is a view of the complexities of racial tension in a result of  British Colonialism.

“From Yaad” by Tracey Jackson (Jamaica)

From Yaad by Tracey Jackson Cover

From Yaad” is a short novel by Tracey Jackson. The book is full of real life scenarios or situations experienced by Caribbean Americans. From relationships with parents and or grandparents, friendships and just how we go about our every day lives.

If you’re looking for a nice easy read, grab yourself a copy of “From Yaad”. It’s definitely a welcomed representation of the modern Caribbean novel. Looking forward to more stories like these exploring the Caribbean American experience.

“Roving Tree” by Elsie Augastave (Haiti)

The Roving Tree is the debut novel for Haitian American Elsie Augastave. At the age of five, the book’s main character is Iris Odys is adopted by a white American couple.

Very early in the book Iris struggles with her identity and her place as an adoptee.

Iris travels the world and through her travels she embarks on a special mission – a journey of discovery. The Roving Tree is a wonderful novel. Storytelling at its best and a must read for any lover of Caribbean Literature.

“A Tall History of Sugar” by Curdella Forbes (Jamaica)

A Tall History of Sugar

A Tall History of Sugar” tells the captivating story of Moshe Fisher and Arrienne Christie, childhood friends and soul mates.  The story begins with Moshe’s birth in the late 1950s, and continues through time, traveling through various historical events in mostly Jamaica and England.

It explores the direct and indirect themes of sugar including what it represents in the colonial context of Jamaica and England. As well relationships – the love and relationship with soul mates, family and community.

A Tall History of Sugar will leave you with many emotions and questions but it will keep you reading because you wonder where it leads.

Get lost in a book

There’s nothing like the feeling of being lost in a great book. Hope one or all these books get added to your list of favorites. You can also check out these other books by Caribbean authors.


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