How to Pitch

Thank you for your interest in being featured on Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Experience - a platform dedicated to Caribbean Americans that understands BOTH cultures. It is where the unique reality of being a Caribbean American is explored and celebrated.


The article outlines tips on how to craft your best pitch to be featured on Carry On Friends.

Minimum Guest Criteria

To be featured on Carry On Friends:

We are looking for guests who fit any of the following criteria:

  1. Born in the Caribbean (including CARICOM Countries) or
  2. Of Caribbean descent (including CARICOM Countries) living anywhere in the world.
  3. Cultural Connection whether through marriage/friendships.
  4. Expertise - have a demonstrated body of work or experience or expertise that impacts the Caribbean or the Caribbean-American community or other parts of the Caribbean Diaspora.

Ideal guests will bring "authentically energetic Caribbean vibes, and thoughtful dialogue" around the Caribbean American experience (or Global Caribbean Experience) and how that intersects with culture, heritage, career, business and everyday life.

Things To Consider

  • Why Pitch?

    Pitching yourself is presenting yourself in a way that makes it easy to see the benefit of having you on the show.

  • Are you a fit?

    Ask yourself if you are a fit for the platform. What value do you bring to the audience? Even if you have the expertise, does it align with the platform's overall content?

  • Research. Be familiar with Carry On Friends.

    1. Is what you're pitching a topic that is covered on the podcast or blog? Even if it is applicable to the audience it is generally the type of content covered. How will you know if it's a topic that is of interest or is covered? It depends on how you present the topic as it aligns with the broader content covered.
    2. Is it a topic that was already covered? If it turns out the topic has already been covered, consider pitching a different angle/spin/point of view and it would be helpful to reference how your pitch is different from what was already covered.

  • Stories not just topics.

    Try not to pitch a topic only - instead pitch a/your story as it pertains to the topic and how it relates to a broader set of experiences.

  • Avoid Promo Only Focus.

    Very seldom are promotional only pitches considered. Meaning the sole purpose of being on the podcast or blog is to promote a product or service. Instead, an adjacent topic from product/service has a higher likelihood of being considered.

Ready To Pitch?

  • Why Pitch?

    1. Introduce yourself - Don't forget to provide a brief background, include Caribbean Country(s) yourself.
    2. Web presence - Include your website and social media handles.
    3. Complete the contact form below