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    The Caribbean Community Should Fully Embrace Social Entrepreneurship

    The Caribbean Community Should Fully Embrace Social Entrepreneurship

    Social Enterprise A social enterprise is a new organizational model that was developed in the 1970’s. In the past several decades it has taken off because combining earning profit with a positive social impact has become the new ‘it factor’ for modern companies concerned about their long-term sustainability in the conscious consumer’s age. However, if America has just begun to catch the social enterprise bug, it will probably be a good while before the Caribbean catches that cold. Our future…

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    Caribbean Americans Vote

    The Caribbean Vote is Important This is a special bonus edition of Carry On Friends the Caribbean American Podcast. This episode is a recording of the Virtual Town Hall – Caribbean Americans…

  • get moving and wukkout with Krista Martins on Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

    Get Moving and Wukkout

    Wukkout and get moving at home I’ll admit that it’s challenging to put in any form of consistent work out now that I’m working full time from home, caring for a…

  • How to have difficult conversations with Kwame Christian

    How to Have Difficult Conversations

    Difficult Conversation Scenarios Is your manager adamant that your video must be on for all team calls?  Are you having way more meetings than necessary and not getting your work done.…