Netflix Film Shirley Starring Regina King

Netflix’s Shirley: Honoring the Legacy and Power of Shirley Chisholm

Shirley Chisholm’s legacy is one that reverberates through the annals of American political history. Our latest episode, features the film “Shirley,” starring Regina King and directed by the visionary John Ridley. We break down the intricacies of Chisholm’s presidential campaign, her indelible Barbadian-American heritage, and how her story resonates with the undercurrents of today’s societal fabric. As watched the film we can’t help but share a connection to Shirley’s pioneering essence, a reminder that the courage to lead often begins with the courage to be different.

As we step back and scrutinize the political environment depicted in the film, drawing stark parallels to the issues that ripple through our modern-day discourse. We wrap up our conversation with the thought that perhaps the truest movement for change lies in the quiet struggles and victories that shape us when no one is watching. Join us for an episode that not only celebrates a champion of history but also lights the way for us to carry her torch into the future.

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