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The Carry On Friends Podcast listeners are highly dedicated. On average they are listening to 90% of an episode. This presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to tap into a growing audience.
Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown
Founder & Host of Carry On Friends

Podcast listenership

73M+ Americans list to podcasts each month in the shift to consuming audio via streaming services. Driving this podcast growth is African Americans, Hispanics and women.  

Black Americans make up 20% of those tuning into podcasts – representing a 73% increase in listenership. 

Specifically, Nielsen reports that “…An increasing amount of African-Americans in particular niches including the Caribbean are increasing their consumption of podcasts” 

Sources: Westwood One 2019; Edison Research Infinite Dial 2018 and Nielsen “From Consumer to Creators” 2018.

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The audience

The Carry On Friends audience includes those born in the region and those born to Caribbean parents.

The Caribbean region is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic region. The audience reflects the diversity of the Caribbean diaspora. Ranging from heritage, ethnicity, gender, age and professional experiences.





What Listeners are saying

Carry On Friends podcast stepped up when there was very few or little to non supporting a demographic of people seldom targeted or not targeted at all.

The podcast feels like your comfy favorite blanket - familiar, comforting and's refreshing to hear a podcast dedicated to our stories.
I LOVE that this is a place where the unique reality of being Caribbean American is celebrated...I love that it is informative and fun in a way that only a Caribbean American can do.
Dani Dares

Ad/Sponsorship features

Ad Spot Types & Length


Audio ad that plays at the beginning of the show. (Length varies)


Audio ad that plays in the show, whether between segments or other creative treatment. (Ad length varies)


Audio ad that plays at the end of an episode. (Ad length varies)

Creative Treatments

Host Read

Host read ads are read by the show's host, Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown.

Presenting Sponsorship

Provides your brand with the exclusivity of all the ad spots in one of more episodes for a predetermined amount of time. Presenting sponsorships also include logo placement options.

Custom Options

Additional inclusions such as social media, newsletters and website side banners are available. Let's collaborate on the best solution for your brand and your brand's goals.

About Us

Since 2015 Carry On Friends has been blazing the trail for Caribbean Podcasts. Carry On Friends is a show with authentically energetic Caribbean vibes, and thoughtful dialogue around culture, heritage, career, entrepreneurship and everyday life that make up the Caribbean American experience.

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