carry-on - [ ka-ree-awn ]

The Caribbean American community has a rich history but we are often underrepresented on the web or misrepresented by the media or Hollywood.

The Platform

The Why

We need more of us telling our stories and sharing our voices because if we don't it will be much harder for Caribbean Americans in this generation and future generations to be recognized, respected and represented.

This is why Carry On Friends was created in 2013 - to be an outlet for Caribbean American voices to be heard.

Carry On Friends offers a unique blend of content that explores the diverse facets of Caribbean culture and its global influence. It bridges international boundaries, catering to a diverse and global audience united by a shared appreciation for Caribbean culture. Dive in and join us on this journey of cultural exploration, discovery and connection.

Through the mediums of podcasts, blogs, etc., we will continue to share the untold stories of Caribbean Experience. This way we can own our story while also adding diversity through authentic and genuine representation into today's culture so it can be stronger for generations to come.

When the audience discovers the platform they say "I feel heard and I feel like I belong

The How

Carry On Friends is a cultural hub with an unmistakable Caribbean-American essence. 

The Podcast was started in 2015 and has grown into a popular show which has been featured in Apple Podcasts 4 times and has the distinction of being the only show that specifically targets the Caribbean American audience.

The Carry On Friends Podcast has the distinction of being one of the first and longest running podcast specifically created for the Caribbean audience.

With a foot in both cultures, Carry On Friends is where the unique reality of being a Caribbean American is explored and celebrated.

The What

Carry On Friends is a multimedia platform dedicated to celebrating and preserving Caribbean culture, and fostering a deeper connection among individuals of Caribbean heritage and enthusiasts globally.

Carry On Friends creates authentic, diverse, and engaging content, such as podcasts, blogs, and videos that showcase Caribbean culture, lifestyle, experiences, and traditions. We also design and sell lifestyle merchandise that represents and celebrates Caribbean culture.

Carry On Friends exist because Caribbean Americans deserve to be genuinely represented, celebrated and to know that they belong and are seen for their contributions.  

To understand and learn more about why this platform exists and why we do what we do, listen to the TrailerAmerican Born Caribbean Raised and “Unapologetically Caribbean American and Why It Matters.”

About Kerry-Ann

Hi! I am Kerry-Ann founder of Carry On Friends! I was born in Jamaica and moved to Brooklyn, NYC as a teenager.

My story, like your story isn’t singular or linear. I can’t pinpoint a story because there are many stories, developing over the years, that have intertwined and led me to why I started Carry On Friends. But I know this for sure – the one constant since I was a little girl – I am passionate about helping people succeed by being their best and put their best ideas to use.

Community is important to me and so I want to make sure the work I do will help others have a positive impact on their immediate communities, the diaspora, the Caribbean region and the world.

Since starting Carry On Friends, I have been a speaker at Podcast Movement, Haiti Tech Summit, Caribbean Digital Divas on a variety of topics including podcast, career, entrepreneurship and Caribbean culture.

For more “fun” or “random” things, check out the podcast and video version of 30 Things About Me.

To work with me or see the projects that I am working on visit my personal site kerryannreidbrown.com

What’s with the name?

Why "Carry On Friends"

Since Carry On is a reference to “take with you, to continue to live, work, have fun or whatever you’re doing”. When you add “Friends” it refers to a way of life, a support system that understands the duality of the Caribbean American Experience.