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Article Roundup – Money Matters

3 Simple Strategies to Kick off Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Ever wonder why lottery winners, some professional athletes go broke? How could they lose all that money? You’ve also probably said that you would never let that happen. But it could happen to you, to all of us if we do not understand ourselves and our relationship with money. Over at My Fab Finance, Tonya Rapley discusses 3 Simple Strategies to Kick off Your Journey to Financial Freedom.

Minding Your Money & Having Fun: Where’s The Balance?

So you’ve got a major debt you want to pay off . Not only that, you want to be aggressive with the payment schedule. That’s a good thing, but consider finding a balance between keeping that commitment and still enjoy life.

WARNING: Credit Scores Are Not Enough

Have you noticed that banks and credit card companies are offering credit scores to customers? They’re doing this because, they want customers to feel that access to our credit scores will safe guard against identity theft.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth. According to Tracy Becker, Credit Scores Are Not Enough to Detect Identity Theft.

Updated: 10/1/19


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