A Case of Badmind

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In her blog post “A Serious Case of Badmind” , Carry On Friends contributor, Stacy Sutherland writes about her encounter with a “badmind friend.”

What is Badmind?

Badmind is Jamaican (or West Indian) for jealousy and envy. In a case of badmind, people want the “house, car, job, friends, relationships, style, image, status.” but the bigger issue is “They somehow don’t see why you should have it and begin to resent you for it. And there in lies the root of badmind-ism – the resentment.”

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No one is immune

It happens, we’ve all had the badmind experience at some point. Whether from co-workers, acquaintances, colleagues, friends or family members.

The worst and most hurtful case of badmind that I’ve had to experience came in the form of someone who I considered a close friend – like family. Talk about a sucker punch. I retreated by keeping to myself,  I didn’t hang out much with my other friends and I scaled back on social media. Looking back at it, I know that it was wrong for me to shut out others for the mistakes of a few.

Stacy tells a funny story and offers a great lesson on how to handle hurt and betrayal. Check out it out and let me know what you think.

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