Nadia Vassell – Business Woman & Celebrity Beauty Stylist


Nadia Vassell is a well-known celebrity and beauty stylist. She works diligently to give excellent service to all her clients. Education is a key reason for Nadia’s success. She thrives to continue learning and evolving as a hairstylist. As she grows, she gives back to her community and teaches her methods to aspiring hair stylists in the United States and the Caribbean.

Tell us more about what you do

The name of my company is Nadia Vassell Salon and my mission is to offer the best hair care services in the most compassionate and professional way. I have a luxurious hair extensions and product line called Hair Freaq.

Nadia Vassell Hair Freaq


Who or what has influenced you the most to choose this career or start this business?

As a child going up in Montego Bay, Jamaica, my dad had a grocery shop. I always said “One day I want to own my business.”  It didn’t matter what type of business, I just to want be the owner.  I also remember doing braids on the veranda in Jamaica on Sundays.  So the innate passion for doing hair and my drive to become my own boss was the perfect match to opening my own business.

What’s the best part about your business and what’s been the most challenging part?

The best part of my business is that I set my own hours, so I see clients when I want to.  My career has also allowed me to travel with many celebrities and to be in the presence of awesome human beings.  The best part of my business is that my clients trust my expert advice and I’m a confidant to them.  I’m like a therapist to all my clients.

The most challenging part of running my business is managing every aspect of the business from marketing, allocating new clients, managing my team and finding the right team members.  One of the most difficult parts is dealing with different personalities. I try my best to be fair and professional and at all times. And I have to try not to take things personally.

What tips do you have for anyone who is trying find their passion, purpose, gift?

I believe that passion for something is innate, it’s something that you would do, even if it meant doing it for free, even if it meant that you’re losing a couple hundred dollars and not lose sleep over it.

You can go out and learn something, but if your heart isn’t in it, you won’t do your best job and you would be miserable. So find that one thing that gives you complete joy, something that gets you out of bed in the morning.

office home work life balanceWhat is your biggest challenge when it comes to work & life?

My biggest challenge in balancing work and life is that sometimes I put work above all things.  So turning off is my biggest challenge.

What tips, tricks or rules do you have that help you to carve out time for family life and personal time?

To carve out family time I recommend delegating tasks at work, find someone who is capable of doing the task and running the business.

What is one technology tool or app you can’t do without?

I’m on all social media platforms, but the one that I used the most is Instagram.  Instagram allows me to post pictures of my work, I am able to see new trends, and get inspirations.

How do you manage technology distractions?

I am always connected to the Internet. However, my phone is mostly on silent at nights and pretty much throughout the day.  I check my social media when I want to and not by social media notifications.

unwind escape in a hammock an open book or a house on a cliff overlooking the beachWhat’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

My absolute favorite thing to do outside of work is exercise.  I go to the gym 6 days per week.

What is your favorite TV show or vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spots are Jamaica and St. Maarten. My favorite TV show is Game of Thrones on HBO.

How do you define success?

 My definition of success is doing what you love, people loving what you do, and  impacting the lives of others. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned regarding success and failure?

You have to be consistent in what you do, always take a class or two where it relates to your business.  Be respectful of others’ time and be  aligned with people within the business [industry] who believe in your core business values.

Biggest lesson on failure – I was told before I opened my salon, “Don’t do it.” I did it anyway, because that’s just how I am. You can’t be successful if you are afraid to fail.

Share one of your personal habits that contributes to your success?

One of my personal habits that attributes to success is my constant need for learning something new. I always need to know how to do things myself.  Currently, I’m  taking an online class with Shaw Academy. It’s a free webinar that I attend via my phone every Monday and Wednesday.   This gives me a wealth of information on how to position my business for marketing etc.

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