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Netflix’s “Champion”: Dramatic Turns and a Haunting Past in Episodes 4 & 5

In this episode, Mikelah & Kerry-Ann focus the pivotal fourth episode as well as episode 5 of the Netflix series, Champion. Over episodes 4 and 5 the lives of its characters, Vita and Bosco, take a series of dramatic turns.

The Champion series artfully portrays the struggles and triumphs of fictional music stardom, human emotions and the haunting pasts that shape the present. Bosco’s PTSD from his time in prison is a significant focus, especially during his music tour stop in Birmingham. Here, he reconnects with a prison friend. There’s a car accident cliffhanger at the end of episode 4 that propels the story forward. Vita, on the other hand, embarks on an artistic journey that sees her growing closer to Laaurent.

We take a deep dive into the manipulative tactics of Beres, who exploits Bosco’s talent for personal gain, and Dawn’s partnership with Beres, which highlight the complex layers of human behavior. The episode also reveals the bombshell of the mother’s hidden music career, a secret that shakes the very foundation of a family already rife with tension and mystery. These elements add a rich texture to the drama and keep viewers hooked on the unfolding narrative.

The Champion series doesn’t shy away from portraying the less glamorous side of the music business. Through Beres’ dealings with his label Champian Crown and Vita’s fashion show fiasco, the show explores the harsh realities artists face, from label advances to the pressure of public image and familial expectations.

The music supervisor and writers deserve special mention for their incredible work, especially in Dawn’s character development. As we gear up for the Jamaica episode, we applaud the masterful character evolution crafted throughout the series. Stay tuned. Check out our previous recap and reviews of episode 1, episodes 2 & 3.

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