Read and Carry On Sufferah

Read & Carry On: Sufferah: The Memoir of a Brixton Reggae-Head

Official Book Synopsis

In this breathtaking memoir, acclaimed author Alex Wheatle details how reggae music became his salvation through a childhood marred by abuse, imprisonment, and police brutality.

My Review

In Sufferah: The Memoir of a Brixton Reggae-Head, author Alex Wheatle vividly narrates his journey through a tumultuous childhood, experiencing abuse, imprisonment, and police brutality. This powerful and honest memoir recounts the author’s experiences offering a profound glimpse into his life. The themes of resilience, redemption, and the transformative power of art are distinctly present and remain with the reader long after the final page.

Music lovers will appreciate the way Wheatle incorporates music as a reference point to the milestones of his life, almost creating a distinctive soundtrack that accompanies his memoir. This unique element not only adds depth to Wheatle’s story, it invites the reader to a more immersive experience, moving from the words on the page to listening to the actual songs that played a role in his journey.

Set against the backdrop of British social and political unrest—as seen in the Small Axe Series’ Alex Wheatle episode––Sufferah offers an even deeper and more personal context, thanks to the inclusion of the music and pictures within the book.

Sufferah: The Memoir of a Brixton Reggae-Head stands out as not just an evocative account of a troubled life, but also as a testimony to the strength of the human spirit. The beauty of art and its healing capabilities are woven into every fiber of this story, making it a must-read.

For those who appreciate the transformative power of music and the resilience that can be gleaned from personal stories, I wholeheartedly recommend this poignant and striking memoir. Alex Wheatle’s journey from a life steeped in pain to a celebrated writer is a testament to the healing potential that can be found in creative expression, and this unforgettable memoir will surely strike a chord in the hearts of many.

About the Author

Alex Wheatle is the author of several best-selling books including the young adult novels Kemosha of the Caribbean, Cane Warriors, and Home Girl, the modern classic Brixton Rock, and the award-winning Crongton series. He is the subject of the historical drama film Alex Wheatle, which is part of filmmaker Steve McQueen’s lauded Small Axe anthology series. 


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