#CAHMSERIES Part 1 with Melisa Boutin

Video: The #CAHMSeries with Melisa Boutin

About The #CAHMSeries

June is National Caribbean American Heritage Month (CAHM). To celebrate the month, I partnered up with my good friend Mikelah  of Styleandvibes.com to present to you the #CAHMSeries.

The #CAHMSeries is a 5 part video series where we interview five amazing women on aspects of the Caribbean American experience from an entrepreneurial and the Caribbean cultural perspective. The questions that focus on entrepreneurship will be featured on Carry On Friends;  and Styleandvibes.com will feature the questions focused on the Caribbean Culture.

All the Carry On Friends videos in the series can be found here.


Melisa Boutin Social Channels

Watch Mikelah’s video with Melisa here!


About Melisa

Melisa Boutin represents the island of St. Kitts and she is the Founder of yourmoneyworth.com, a personal finance resource. She helps Caribbean Millennials do better with money, starting with student loans. Melisa also helps to bridging the gap between Caribbean Millenials & Caribbean Banks.

Connect with Melisa on:

Twitter: @melisaboutin

Instagram: @melisaboutin

Facebook: Melisa Boutin


Your Turn

Tell me know how your Caribbean heritage shaped your entrepreneurial and career experience.



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