Helena Faustin That Nurse Can Cook and TiGreg

A Delicious Taste of Jamaica at Samsung’s 837NYC Event Space

On Nov 10, 2023, food enthusiasts gathered at Samsung’s 837NYC event space to witness “A Taste of Jamaica,” a live cooking demonstration from the creator of ThatNurseCanCook, Helena Faustin. With her son Gregory, also known as “TiGreg,” Helena used the latest Samsung appliances to prepare Jerk Chicken Egg Roll, and Vegetable Egg Roll. Aside from enjoying the delicious food, attendees were able to explore Samsung’s immersive technology throughout the event space throughout the evening.

The SmartThings Kitchen installation served as the setting for Helena’s cooking demonstration. The latest Samsung appliances were instrumental in preparing her dishes. She used a Samsung smart fridge and oven in her demo. The kitchen appliances were user-friendly and showcased the convenience that technology brings to cooking.

Helena’s take on the Jamaican dish Jerk Chicken Egg Roll and Vegetable Egg Roll was a fantastic fusion of two different cuisines. The egg roll wrapper was crispy and perfectly cooked, and the filling was a blend of crunchy vegetables and seasoned chicken with traditional Jamaican Jerk seasoning. You can find the recipe on ThatNurseCooks.com

After the cooking demonstration, there was a fireside chat and Q&A with the lovely Helena. We covered several topics, including her career as a nurse, and, of course, her passion for cooking. We also talked about business and the importance of having a supportive team behind you. Some attendees got to ask questions further emphasizing the connection that food creates between people.

Helena Faustin’s “A Taste of Jamaica” at Samsung’s 837NYC event space was a fantastic event. The cooking demonstration allowed attendees to learn about Jamaican cuisine and how to incorporate diverse flavors into dishes. Helena’s use of the latest Samsung appliances brought technology to the forefront of cooking and demonstrated how it can liberate cooks in their kitchens. Add to that the fireside chat and Q&A, which was both informative and entertaining, and it’s clear that attendees had an unforgettable experience. The evening was not only a celebration of food but also an excellent showcase of how technology and cooking can come together.


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