Article Roundup – Live The Life You Love

Live the Life you love

To Jumpstart The Life You Love

Many women want the want a life that they love, but many have absolutely no patience when it comes to finding, creating it, or “maintaining it”.Getting to the life you love takes doing the internal work of reflection and self discovery. Ready to live the life you love? Check out these 5 Questions Courageous Questions To Jump Start The Life You Love over at Tiffy Talks.

Do What It Takes To Take Care Of You

While we’re on creating the life we love. Ask yourself: Am I taking care of me? Who takes care of the woman who does too much? I recently picked up an oldie but goodie book from my book collection. I definitely recommend re-reading books. Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much is a book written for women who,

“do too much, keep too busy, spend all our time taking care of others and in general do not take care of ourselves. “

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