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Ep. 8: What to do when You’re not feeling up to it

Something to do

On this episode I address the issue when you know you have to do something but there are just some days you don’t feel like doing it. So what to do? Act your way into it. Other times you push through the feeling because you’re being held accountable because of a  commitment made to others

John Maxwell said:

“You can act your way into feeling long before you can feel your way into action. If you wait until you feel like doing something you will like never accomplist it.”


Hello friends, Kerry-Ann here and welcome to episode 8 of the Carry on Friends Podcast. It is the 11th hour and I’ve waited until the last possible minute to record and publish this podcast. Why? Because if you haven’t heard it in my voice, I’m very tired and I just didn’t feel like recording today’s episode. I debated in my head whether or not I should record this episode. On one hand, I said I made a commitment to my audience, I set the schedule and therefore I should honor it and record the episode. But then on the other hand, I was saying you know what, nobody will probably notice if I didn’t record an episode. And the truth is, I would notice, I would mind if I didn’t record an episode and chances are maybe at least one person will, even if it’s my husband, one person will recognize that I didn’t record the episode. And this experience of not feeling like you want to do something, something that you are passionate about and sometimes you feel exhausted, it’s part of the process of living. You know there are just some days you just don’t feel up to it and I felt that I owed it to you, the audience, to be transparent with this because things aren’t always perfect. Great, my alarm is going off in the middle of recording the podcast. I mean great.

So like I was saying you know, I felt like I owed it to you to be transparent with this because things aren’t always perfect. The last podcast I recorded, I had equipment issues. And I shared that because you are going to have your own technical difficulties. I wanted to make sure that I did not come across perfect in my podcasting, my entrepreneurial or professional journeys, because that’s far from it. Does it mean that I don’t like podcasting anymore? No it doesn’t, but I do know from personal experience that I have to push through the feeling of not feeling like I want to do it because if I don’t, I will lose momentum. And as easily as I could say you know what, I could skip this episode. Before you know it, the next episode I will skip and before you know it, I’m just not doing anything. I’ve lost flow. I’ve lost momentum. I’ve lost my rhythm. John Maxwell said you can act your way into feeling long before you can feel your way into action and this is a perfect example.

So if you wait until you feel like doing something, you will never accomplish it basically. If I’m going to be completely honest, there are some circumstances that no matter what, you just can’t feel yourself through acting. And you know those are situations of health and you know other emergencies, you know what those emergencies are, but this was not one of those emergencies. It was a matter of poor time management and just really being tired and the domino effect of everything else. So yeah, some days you are going to feel like you don’t want to do it, but reminding – what helped was to remind myself that you know what, I made a commitment. And it is part of the discipline in the process, it is not going to always be easy-going. And it is a true test of whether I really want to do this, whether I’m going to push through those hard days. And I’m probably doing too much and I probably will be taking a break soon. I definitely know that the podcast will go on a mini summer vacation and we will figure that out a bit little further down the road. But I wanted to make sure that I shared with you my listeners that some days, there is just going to be really challenging moments for you to push through and you’re going to be tired and you are going to be exhausted, but if it is something that is worthwhile for you, something that you are committed and something that you are passionate about, you are going to push through it and get it done no matter what because it’s really something you are passionate about.

So as I wrap up this episode, it’s a really short episode, but I’m pushing through it and I’m feeling a little better, not feeling so ugh I’m recording this podcast. And again, it goes back to the quote about feeling your way through action. So I want you to do me a favor, if you haven’t already given the show an honest rating and review in iTunes, please do so now and help us reach 20 reviews. Please spread the word, share with their friends as well. I appreciate all your comments and feedback. Next week on the 15th, we continue the interview series with Mikelah Rose of Style & Vibes. Look out for part one on the blog and the next podcast episode, Mikelah will be our guest. As always, I’m looking forward to that. You could connect with us, so head on over to for a recap of this episode. Every episode, we have some great blog posts and you could connect with us on Twitter, on Facebook. And as always thanks for listening.

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Update: A follow-up to this episode can be found here: Ep. 10: How To Push Through When You’re Not Feeling Up To It




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