Finding my voice – Don’t wait for perfect conditions

Always Do what you are afraid to do in pursuing a dream

This entry is long overdue. I’ve in my head and trying to determine what it is that I’m going to write and blog about. This is a big step for me because I’m sharing my thoughts, my opinions on the internet. Fear crippled me, because online bullying and mean comments under the guise of fake names are common place. Yet still, the desire to do this never went away. In fact, I’ve taken many routes only to end up here again. I wanted to make sure that I, above all else stay true to myself while making worthwhile contributions on the internet because…once it goes on the web, it’ not completed deleted. So going back to finding my voice – I’ve learned that like me, my internet voice or presence will evolve as I grow, as I learn and instead of being in my head trying to be perfect I should just be.

Don't wait for perfect conditions

Don’t wait for perfect conditions.

What do I write about, what’s relevant to me that I want to share with you? I read in a John Maxwell book that you don’t know anything if you can’t put it in writing. The lesson here is in order to make the journey, you have to start by taking one step at a time. As long as we stay true to the why then I’m half way there. It’s all part of the art of the start. My goal is to share some of my interests and experiences as a “modern” caribbean american woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend and that from my interests and experiences inform, empower and entertain you on this journey…and so it begins. Let’s Carry On Friends!

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