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  • hands of woman by laptop, calculator, receipts and money in cup showing 4 habits of a financially free person

    4 Habits of a Financially Free Person

    It’s here! The BEST month of the year. . . it’s Financial Literacy month! Woooohooo!!! WHY am I soooo excited about this month; this blessed, money matters, let’s talk about our…

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    A New Blueprint for Business Success

    Over the years, I’ve consulted with dozens of small and medium business owners, and I’ve even worked hands on with a few. Time and again, I’ve observed them chasing a grocery…

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    How To Craft Your Best Life

    Eli DeFaria   You DON’T have a point to prove, but you DO have your BEST Life to craft. I have been known to walk out of jobs, fire clients, and…

  • Mommy let's talk money

    Mommy, Let’s Talk Money

    The Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, brunch and (if you were lucky) jewelry were lovely and now you’re back to your routine, but Mom there’s still ONE important thing that we…