How To Craft Your Best Life

Eli DeFaria

You DON’T have a point to prove, but you DO have your BEST Life to craft.

I have been known to walk out of jobs, fire clients, and even extract myself from both intimate relationships and friendships. As a matter of fact, in some quarters people will tell you with surety that I’m “flighty” and need to “settle down”. I find that assessment amusing. Why?

Because my life is a tapestry knitting together a series of amazing, once in a lifetime, history making, and/or high paying opportunities. Apart from the travel and rubbing shoulders with famous people, I have earned my place in the history books of various organisations (some global), I’ve made more money than most of my peers up to this point, and in my personal relationships, I have enjoyed deep, fulfilling interactions with some awesome and inspiring people from all over the globe. On top of it all, I have had fun!

I recently told a young woman I was counseling that I treat every organisation like a client – even when I’m an employee. What that looks like, is that I make sure that I do a good job, a job with integrity, creativity and giving it my all, EVERY time. What that also looks like, is that when I encounter an organisation, project, person or client that I feel isn’t at the point of maturity to be able to rise to the occasion and allow me the space and support that I need to be great so that they inevitably can become better, I walk. Why? 1. Because I know what I bring to the table and all the ways in which I can make a person/ organisation/ project better and 2. because I have nothing to prove, but I DO have a good reputation AND my BEST Life to craft.

“Put a good person in a bad system, and the system will win every time” – Dennis Sparks

It is not in my best interest to sit in a situation of dis-empowerment, not being able to improve, produce and create, and wreaking havoc on my reputation. It is not in my best interest to be a part of a project, relationship or organisation that is toxic, where apathy is the order of the day, and/or where no one is inspired and doing great things. Forget me; it is not in ANYONE’S best interest to stay in a situation like that. If you find yourself on a ship with no rudder, and/or a ship in distress, and you are not in a position to personally take responsibility and turn the ship around, then my friend, that ship is not for you – it’s time to jump!

a woman jumping into creating your life
Austin Schmid

Live your BEST Life on a Daily Basis

In a world where you are encouraged to sit tight, settle, “be a grown up” and live in mediocrity – mediocre happiness (if any at all), lots of consumer debt and too high living expenses, stuck holding on to a job for “security”, and staying in relationships where people hurt you in micro and not so micro ways on a daily basis, and or where no one is inspiring or inspired, I am calling BULLSHIT! I am saying that EVERY person deserves certain basic things in their career and Life:

You deserve the space, trust, support and empowerment that you need to be the BEST version of your professional self – to improve, produce, create, inspire and be inspired, on a daily basis.

You deserve, on a daily basis, to have fun.

You deserve to be around and stay around people who are achieving, who are inspired and inspiring, and who are intent on making a positive difference in the world.

You deserve to NOT compromise yourself and your peace of mind, not for debt, not to own stuff, and not to have “security”, because let’s be abundantly clear – “security” as the world defines it, seldom gives you happiness, inspiration or peace of mind. Does it? Be honest.

What it all boils down to, is that you deserve on a daily basis, to live your BEST Life.

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon

Brianna Mills

So, what kind of Life are you crafting? Are you crafting you best life? Are you happy, fulfilled, creating, inspired and inspiring and having fun? Or are you holding on, “buckling down”, being a “grown up” and “settling down” all in the name of security? Are you happy? Will you look back at your Life and be proud? Will you throw your head back and laugh deeply at all the good, cool, interesting things you experienced, created and accomplished? Or will you just smile nicely that you lived Life the way “they” told you you were supposed to, keeping your head down and not making any waves?

It’s your choice, but remember – you don’t have a point to prove, but you DO have your BEST Life to craft.

KArima McKenzie-Thomas

Abused, broke single mother, evicted, on WIC, hospitalized from stress... she has lived it all. Now years later, KArima lives an awesome purpose-filled Life, as she helps others to craft lives of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity. KArima offers Financial Education to people of the African Diaspora, with the goal of empowering them so they can empower themselves and their Families around Money. She also consults with Start ups, Small and Medium Businesses. It is KArima's belief that EVERYONE can and should use ALL their skills, gifts and talents to earn good money, live GREAT Lives, and make the world a better place. Contact her at teamvip.life@gmail.com, and find her on twitter, instagram, linkedin or facebook '@Teamviplife' if you want to do better with your Finances and give yourself and your family a better Life.