Woman of color with head wrap Celebrate Caribbean Woman History

Celebrate the History of Caribbean Women by Following Tanty’s Example

When we explore Black History in the context of the Caribbean woman, we’re telling a story of self-sufficiency. We’re talking about women who with whatever little they had, not only provided enough but further, created a better day for their families.

Every Caribbean person can talk about that woman in their family (or several), who was self-employed. Whether a seamstress or a washer woman, a maker and seller of sweets and treats, or a kitchen gardener; we all have that legacy of self-employment and entrepreneurship in our veins. Let us pay homage.

Those women knew how to budget, how to create much out of seemingly nothing, and how to make a dollar stretch and stretch – past the fence-post, down the road, to the shop and back! Lol They knew how to make ONE dress of theirs last for them AND three daughters. They could take ONE coconut and produce breakfast, lunch AND feed for the chickens. Those women were the quintessential intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Let us bow down.

As we celebrate the proud History of Caribbean women, let us humbly acknowledge and say a quiet “Thank You”, to those who paved the way for us to stand. To stand, and then to walk, run and fly. And, let us NOT allow their lessons and sacrifices to have been in vain. Let us too, be Budgeting Superstars and Financial Warriors. Let’s pick up ourselves, organise our coins, and pave an even better way for those to come. Let us snatch or collective pearls, put our shoulders to the economic wheel, and make those women proud.

April,¬†recognized as Financial Literacy month is in a couple of weeks. Let’s meet the month with a renewed promise to do better with our money; to be more responsible – to save and invest more, spend less, borrow none, and be more creative in making our dollars stretch. Ultimately, let us ask ourselves in EVERY financial decision “What would Tanty do?”

KArima McKenzie-Thomas

Abused, broke single mother, evicted, on WIC, hospitalized from stress... she has lived it all. Now years later, KArima lives an awesome purpose-filled Life, as she helps others to craft lives of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity. KArima offers Financial Education to people of the African Diaspora, with the goal of empowering them so they can empower themselves and their Families around Money. She also consults with Start ups, Small and Medium Businesses. It is KArima's belief that EVERYONE can and should use ALL their skills, gifts and talents to earn good money, live GREAT Lives, and make the world a better place. Contact her at teamvip.life@gmail.com, and find her on twitter, instagram, linkedin or facebook '@Teamviplife' if you want to do better with your Finances and give yourself and your family a better Life.