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Being a Woman in Business

Being a Woman in Business is Hard!

As a business woman, you can feel overwhelmed and then you have to deal with stuff like your period or with someone telling you that you want too much, that you are doing too much. Do you tell a man that he’s doing too much? NO! I bet you tell him go right ahead and conquer the world. Yet, we are taught, especially in a Caribbean culture, that we have to sit down and be nurturers and let the man do what he has to do.  Why aren’t you trying to pursue a relationship or getting married they ask? Why do you want to start a business? Miss me with that BS! Do not come for me! I am Remy Ma petty!

The Rules

Next problem I have with being a woman in business is that there is a constant inventory of what I should look like, how I should dress and what a business woman represents, especially here in Trinidad. It is as though all business women MUST have business suits and this “black business wear” attire that we all have to portray. I am NOT about to be wearing any business suit. I am flashy. I am dramatic. I wear what I want and I am going to stick to that FOREVER.  I am going to be authentic. 100% authentic!


On the upside, being a woman in business, I have met some incredible women in the field. Women who are just like me. Women who are hungry. Women who want it all. Women who want more for themselves and others. Women who are always trying to uplift myself and others in their businesses. They are educating and they are giving value on social media and on their websites. They are giving 110% and they way it has been illustrated to me is that like attracts like. When you do change your mind-set about your life you attract the right people into it and I love that. I love the fact that I have met so many brilliant women in the space of less than a year of starting Trinidad Mogulista that it really gets me happy and motivated. It gets me pumped to see the fact that we are all going in the same direction and that we all want the same things.

Ameniki Omotola aka Trinidad Mogulista is a woman in business

Being a woman in business has its ups and downs just like everything else. Don’t you dare tell me that I am doing too much though……. I am gonna come for you!

With Love & Hustle


Ameniki Omotola

Also known as “Trinidad Mogulista”, Ameniki Omotola is an aspiring creative Entrepreneur with the vision and goal to help other “Moguls” and “Mogulistas” realize their business potential and thrive in the small business market through her online platform. Ameniki is determined to help Small Creative Business owners from Trinidad and Tobacco and all corners of the globe overcome their obstacles and come-up together with real solutions concerning their online creative business strategy from the moment they launch their business to being mentioned in the prestigious Forbes list.