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BONUS: Believe in those who Believe in You

Believe those who see your potential

A bonus episode made from spilled over energy/excitement from recording a forthcoming interview with Judithe Registre of

After a Saturday morning of back to back recordings both of which were high energy and inspiring, I had so much energy left over that she had to record this bonus episode. She has been writing a book that she decided to put on hold but wanted to share an overview of the chapters aka “principles” called “Believe In Those Who Believe In You.” The interview with Judithe is the latest example of this principle.
Listen to why you should believe those who believe in you.

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Kerry-Ann: You’re listening to this extra early bonus episode of the carry on friends podcast. And let’s call it, believing those who believe in you.


Hey everyone, so I’m recording this quick episode because I feel the energy I feel moved. I just finished recording two separate interviews and not sure when you’ll be hearing this, those interviews or even this one that I’m recording, but I wanted to share it. So I just had an interview with Judithe, who is of And were talking about the narratives and the stories, we’re telling each other. And I mentioned a book that I’m writing. So that’s one thing I want to talk about. So I’ve been writing this book since the end of, well, I’ve outlined it in December 2016. And I kind of finished somewhat a half a draft January of last year. And because of a lot of personal stuff that happened to me last year, I’ve talked about it a lot, through different episodes just shared a lot about it, I put the book down. And so, you know, I’ve taken the book up again, and I’m going through and I’m kind of tightening up the first draft. And the book really is about principles that have helped me become successful. I shared the book with, you know, a team to do an initial review, and I was devastated about the response, not that I thought that the book was going to be perfect. But it is such a personal story, meaning that the examples that I’ve used to talk about these different principles are based on my personal experiences. And it’s just that feeling you get when there’s this feedback. But I know the book writing process is hard. But I’m not really talking about the book, I wanted to share one one of the principles. One of the chapters that I wrote about in the book that the conversation with Judithe, just kind of reinforces why I should write the book. Because after I got that feedback, I was like, This project is on hold indefinitely. I’m going to put it down because it was so emotionally raw, right. And I had this conversation with Judithe and she was talking about something about believing in yourself or something I can’t remember exactly now because, you know, I’ve ended that conversation. But one of the principles in my book is believing those who believe in you, it’s it’s it’s positive environment, believing those who believe in you and I, I can’t explain how important this is, when you are trying to advance in your career. That’s why most of us want mentors and sponsors. When you’re when you want to be an entrepreneur are just part of life. Right.

Judithe, that conversation because after we ended that conversation, there’s this is project that I’m working on that Judithe kind of suggested to me and I didn’t think of it. Like it wasn’t something I was considering until she kind of said it to me last year, when I saw her in California at Podcast Movement. And later on during that conference, I had another conversation with someone else that they kind of saying something similar to what Judithe had said, and they had no idea I had this conversation with Judithe. And then I said, Okay, you know, I never thought of it. But it could be something that I did, because they saw something that I didn’t see in myself. And I’m like, Okay, I’m going to work on this. And this conversation with Judithe, again, she said something was just like, you know, I felt like, all right, this is way out of my comfort zone. But okay, you believe in me because of that, yes, I’m gonna do it. And I’m not saying that’s everyone. That’s everything. But I’m just saying that there are some things that are way out our comfort zone that we don’t see for ourselves, but people keep seeing it. And, you know, sometimes it’s one person over here says sees this and one person over here sees something else is not exactly what person one said. But it’s kind of aligned. And it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s those cues that we should lean into, you know, maybe we should explore this because a lot of times we we look for signs and signs aren’t always divine. It’s not always the parting of the Red Sea are turning, you know, the river Nile into blood, sometimes, God and I’m saying this, and if you’re not religious, that’s fine. But sometimes God, or the universe uses people to give us the messages we need. So we can be our best selves, right? And believing those who believe in you. It’s such a good feeling it is a gives that fire. And sometimes you’re like, well, I should have my fire that own if we are if we all could have had the fire on our own. You know, everybody else would be creating a things I would much more advanced than where we are.

But we are As humans, we are very social and sometimes getting that affirmation that belief from someone else. It’s just, it is so exhilarating is I don’t know if it’s endorphins what it releases because that’s why I’m even recording this because of like, a conversation I had with someone and then I look at it. My son, Ethan, everyone knows Ethan and Ethan loves to dance and you want to see Ethan perform? Say go Ethan. Go Ethan. And you know, they’ll be like man, Ethan where did, you get those dance moves from and Ethan turns up. It’s like, it’s it’s like the gas in the tank to let you go, like Ethan kills it. So Ethan now is learning to Jamaican dances, Genna Bounce and Flairy. And this he you know, he’s all of us. All of a sudden, around the house he is singing, “the flare is in the air”, because he’s like, he does these dances. And now he wants to do good. And he wants to be better, because he saw that we were all excited that here is a second generation Caribbean American. He is he’s five about to be six. And he’s learning one of the hottest dances currently in dancehall in Jamaica. And he was just like, man, I love this. But it’s nothing like the looks of the people when he’s doing the dances. It’s not perfect. But we were like, Man, you you’re kind of catching this and the fact that he’s, you know, talking a little patois. And it’s the same feeling when someone believes you and believes in you to do this thing that is great that you, you aren’t really doing yet. Or you’re kind of half stepping it because you aren’t sure. And you’re not sure if you’re ready.

So I wanted to record this quick episode, which is a not quite a snippet. But it’s inspired by one of the chapters of my forthcoming book, I don’t know when I’m going to release it. But it’s having a positive environment, and believing those who believe in you. And I, I have examples about how this played out in my professional life, my career. And I have examples of how this is playing out right now, me being a podcaster me doing this, you know, people are believing me to do things that I was. I mean, I didn’t have this vision of it. But if you feel like this is what I should be doing. And you’re telling me and you’re not. You know, I mean, let’s be clear, we know when someone is BS’ing us, but when you know that, you know, it could work but because it’s so big, and you’re like, It scares you because like, Oh, this is kind of big. And you don’t know if you should be the person doing it someone else would be doing. That’s what I’m talking about.

That is what I’m talking about when it when what they see in you, it’s so big, and so out your league that you know, you could do it, but because it’s so enormous, you’re like, I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. You sure someone else ain’t supposed to do this. That’s what I’m talking about. And so thank you, Judithe, and thank you for all of you listening to me, because it’s you listening to this episode and all the other episodes and downloading it. That is giving me the belief that I need to continue. So I want to thank you. And I also want you to look to those who are around you and create a positive environment for people to to pour into you and believe in you to bring forth that which you don’t even see in yourself yet, but it’s there.

So that’s my little 10 five minutes on motivation. It’s a really quick episode. And trust me, you know, motivation If a If motivation can get you this far, oh, Lord, I don’t know. So get ready. And we’ll see what happens with the book, I may have to pick it up much sooner than I planned to. But I just wanted to share that. And another time I’ll share the other principles. And we’ll figure out what happens in the book. But I just wanted to share that creating a positive environment and believing those who believe in you is is the wind beneath our wings so we can do what we need to do to make this world a better place. You know, and to the seeds we needed or the fertilizer we need to grow or our gifts and our talents or whatever it is. Alright, so until next time, walk good.



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