Viannca Velez

Celebrating Caribbean Culture and Charting the Future through Afrofuturism

Viannca Velez is a passionate advocate for cultural preservation from the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute. 

Our discussion starts off with the significance of cultural equity amidst centuries of historical adversity and the essential role of equitable funding to sustain the vibrancy of cultural institutions and practices that shape our identity and future. We then transitioned to Afrofuturism – what is it and why it’s an important tool in cultural preservation. Viannca explains that Afrofuturism emerges as a visionary lens, enabling communities to re-envision their identities and reclaim their narratives.

Viannca’s Puerto Rican roots offer a unique perspective on cultural equity, where she discussed Bomba – a music and dance tradition created in Puerto Rico by enslaved and self-emancipated Africans. She shares her insights on cultural identity, emphasizing the importance of continued engagement with our heritage. The discussion emphasizes the need to nurture our creative spirit, championing a future that is both aware of its cultural past and eager to embrace the bold frontiers of innovation.

In conclusion, this podcast episode is not just a celebration of Caribbean culture; it is a call to action. It beckons us to recognize the importance of cultural preservation as a means to maintain the vibrancy and resilience of our communities. Through Afrofuturism, we can envision and construct a future that honors our cultural past while boldly stepping into the realm of possibility.

Reference: Puerto Rico’s Bomba: A Musical Revolution (Strictly Facts Podcast)

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