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COF 050: A #Bussoutyear – 2016 Year in Review

In this episode, Kerry-Ann reflects on 2016, her first #bussoutyear why she decided to step out of her comfort zone. And the steps to take to get to your own #bussoutyear in 2017.

This is the video I first posted about 2016 being a #bussoutyear. Just doing this video alone was stepping out of my comfort zone.


Since this video, I’ve done more social videos in Snap Chat and Instagram. I also did a video call 30 Things About Me:

and a Caribbean Heritage Month video series which featured other entrepreneurs however, I did a outro at the end of each video.

You can have a #Bussoutyear too

You too can have a #bussoutyear. It’s not easy but it’s doable.

  1. First be intentional about wanting a #bussoutyear.
  2. Take action. A small step that leads to a domino effect.
  3. Get Accountability. You’re more likely to have a #bussoutyear, if others are holding you accountable to getting out your comfort zone.
  4. Celebrate & Reflect.
    • It’s important to celebrate your achievements big or small. But it’s also important to take time, reflect and take a break before continuing on your journey.
    • If you feel like there’s nothing to celebrate yet, don’t be hard on yourself. Take a break, reflect to decide your approach for moving forward.
  5. Repeat.


Your Turn

Did you have any #bussoutyear moments in 2016?

What do you want to experience in 2017?


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Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is Founder & host of Carry On Friends one of the first podcasts dedicated to the Caribbean American Experience. She is leading the way for Caribbean Podcast as the founder of Breadfruit Media, the first Caribbean podcast production company; and founder of the Caribbean Podcast Directory a place to discover podcasts by people of Caribbean Heritage.