Together Forward - Collaborating with Caribbean Millennials to Address Barriers & Drive Growth with Jameela Hollingsworth, Carey Lee Dixon and Mikelah Rose

COF 081: Together Forward – Collaborating with Caribbean Millennials to Address Barriers & Drive Growth

This episode of the podcast features guests:

Jameela Hollingsworth from The HR Boss (Barbados), a Caribbean millennial career consultancy with readership in over 27 countries. The HR Boss was founded with the mission of helping Caribbean millennials kick butt and take names and be the Boss you were destined to be. Jameela is a qualified HR practitioner with over 7 years’ experience in Jamaica, Barbados and

St. Lucia. At present; she serves as the HR Business Partner for a regional group of companies. The Barbadian native holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Resources Management from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica and a Master’s in Business Administration from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

Carey-Lee Dixon founder of For Women To Women (Jamaica)  a digital resources platform and community for 20-30-something-year-old purpose-driven, career-oriented and entrepreneurial women. Carey-Lee is a trained geospatial professional and creative designer. Her influence is strong in bringing together women of diverse backgrounds to share their stories in a raw and authentic way.

Mikelah Rose from Style & Vibes (NYC) a Caribbean-American lifestyle platform with a growing loyal audience of other young Caribbean-Americans. Style & Vibes keeps up with what’s going on in the Caribbean and its Diaspora through music, fashion, film and highlighting the best of both cultures. Through her platform, Mikelah continues to explore a thriving demographic that keeps rich Caribbean culture alive while drawing on multiple influences with clever commentary; with Caribbean roots.


The initial discussion centered around an article written by Jameela called “Are North American Millennials Better than Caribbean Millennials?”  Seeing this article prompted me to reach out to Jameela to better understand why she wrote that article and whether she’d consider discussing it further on the podcast. To round out perspectives I enlisted Caribbean influencers Carey-Lee and Mikelah.

The conversation started with the reason the article was written but quickly shifted to focus on the challenges of Millennials living in the Caribbean Region, the red tape they face trying to build international businesses and what can be done to foster growth to compete in the Global Economy.

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