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COF 47: Minisode – Documenting the System for Enhanced Productivity


Lately I’ve been having a lot of discussions about productivity, creating and documenting a system. In this episode I go over my process for documenting a system or “how to”.

  1. Identify the deliverable/task you want to document. (Example: podcast episode)
  2. Make an initial list of all the task associated with the deliverable. You don’t have to list them in order just write the different tasks as they come to you.
  3. Ordering initial list. This is the step where you review initial list and put them in order of how they get done. This step will help you see if there’s a step missing or if a step needs to be broken down more.
  4. Categorize steps into phases. Here’s where you group all task in a particular phase. (Example: computer set-up and sound check are all tasks associated with recording the podcast.)
  5. Make visible and active. After you’ve documented the steps, make the process visible so you can get into the habit and remember to use it. By using the process actively as a checklist you are able to refine along the way.
  6. Test it with others. Allow someone else use the process either by delegating all or delegating some. This allows another persons input to further improve the process.
  7. Keep it fresh by reviewing it periodically. (Example: every 3 months)


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