Nia Phillips and Tamara Holder founders of Caribbean Girls Who Blog

Creating a Global Movement with the Founders of Caribbean Girls Who Blog

Caribbean Girls Who Blog was born from two Caribbean girls – Tamara Holder born in Barbados, living in the mid-west and Nia Phillip born in Grenada, living in NYC. Both Tamara and Nia saw a problem and set out to address that it. The problem? A lack of spaces supporting, connecting and celebrating Caribbean content creators. Leveraging the power of social media, a movement was formed.

“Whatever the problem, be part of the solution…” ~ Tina Fey

In less than a year, Caribbean Girls Who Blog (CGWB) is well on its way to being a Global Movement that connects and celebrates Caribbean content creators. If you don’t believe me check their popular hashtag #caribbeangirlswhoblog on Twitter and Instagram.

In this profile, Tamara and Nia tell us more about CGWB and starting a business partnership.

What is Caribbean Girls Who Blog?

Caribbean Girls Who Blog (CGWB) is a movement tweeted into existence with a mission to simply use fresh and unique content to push our culture forward while ensuring that Caribbean girls who create content are supported, compensated and congratulated.

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What inspired you to start CGWB & why is it need?

We noticed a lack of spaces connecting and celebrating Caribbean content creators, specifically on Twitter and Instagram, and we saw it as an opportunity. This collective is needed for 2 reasons:

  1. Caribbean people have very unique experiences and they need a space to share that content, gain visibility and connect with like-minded bloggers;
  2. Content creation is hard and we don’t want Caribbean bloggers to feel alone. We want to focus on encouraging them to keep going. Unfortunately, a lot of people give up due to lack of support and then someone else ends up sharing their story but we want to keep Caribbean women as the voices behind their stories.

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What do you think is different about blogging from Caribbean Girl (woman’s) perspective?

  1. Global Citizenship Perspective – We live all over the world, and we can tell stories from an insider and outsider experience. We are multicultural.
  2. We have beautiful normal stories that need to be told. We really understand excellence and we understand fun and being easy-going. We understand being multi-dimensional.

What were you doing before CGWB?

Nia: I’m the founder of where I create amazing content around style, career and personal development; while being an Operations Manager by day

Tamara: I’m a Graduate Assistant | MBA student | Fashion Biz Owner | Baydian Girl blog | HuffPost Contributor


What’s the best advice you’ve received about starting a business or having a partnership?

Tamara: Do the work and keep it simple. Get a team. Don’t try to do everything ourselves.

Nia: We don’t get caught up in drama or potential threats. We just do the work so that we can provide the value necessary to our community.

What’s one lesson have you learned about developing a partnership?

Allow each other to perform tasks that align with their strengths.

Tamara: For example, Nia is great with Twitter and I am great with Instagram. Therefore, we allow each other to be in charge of those platforms without question. It has resulted in immense growth for CGWB.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to be a blogger or start a business partnership?

On Blogging

  • Don’t just start a blog, start a business with products or services. Unless your focus is writing or you have another goal in mind, really think about how you’re going to monetize your website real estate before you start.
  • Be clear about what value you’re providing and who you are targeting. Are you writing for moms, millennials, bloggers, etc?
  • If you don’t clarify these 2 things, it’s going to be a messy road.

On Starting a Business

  • Do research and know what it takes to start a business in your state.
  • Make sure you are passionate about your product and brand, and that there is a demand for what you have to offer. If you want to create a new niche, then prepare to do the work.
  • Understand and plan for each stage of your business. Growth takes time, strategic planning and several action plans.

On Partnership

  • Allow each other to perform tasks that align with your strengths.
  • Communication and being upfront about time commitment.
  • Being supportive of your partner outside of your business together.


What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Honestly, neither of us need a vacation from work. We’d both rather be working. That being said we still take vacations and spend time with friends, family and our significant others. We know what balance is and it’s an ever-changing variable. E.g. during busy seasons, long nights are a necessity but at other times, they’re not. We just like to do things with a purpose. The occasional glass of wine or watching our favorite tv show are our personal favs.

What is your favorite or recent book read/TV show/movie/Vacation spot?


  • Recent Book: Manage Your Day to Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Fous & Sharpen Your Creative Mind
  • Favorite TV Show: Chicago Fire & Chicago PD
  • Favorite Movie: Soul Food
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Grenada


  • Recent Book: Sell Local, Think Global
  • Favorite TV Show: The Profit
  • Favorite Movie: Beauty & the Beast
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Barbados

How do you define success?

Nia: Success is doing something that has impact and providing value to my audience and being able to share amazing experiences with the people that I love.

Tamara: Success is being able to impact a person and a community, being able to encourage someone who is experiencing something I’ve overcame, and having the ability to secure my loved ones’ future.

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned regarding success and failure?

Nia: They’re not finite. They will both come and go since they are a part of life’s journey.

Tamara: Failure is inevitable and it’s crucial on the journey to success. Just get comfortable with it. Success is comprised of small victories; it’s not always a big to-do. Sometimes your greatest steps are the smallest ones.

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Tell us what it means to:

Live meaningfully:

Nia: Just being myself and embracing my true nature and what’s on my heart, which includes serving others.

Tamara: I have to be myself and be a voice for causes I’m passionate about.

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