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Caribbean American Entrepreneurs Personal habits that contributes to their success

Personal Habits That Contributes To Their Success

This is the third post in this series which highlights some of the responses of several entrepreneurs I had the honor to interview through the Interview Series & Podcast.  See post one and post two.

I asked these Caribbean American Entrepreneurs  to share their personal habits that contributes to their success and there were their responses:

Persistence & Humility

I don’t take no for an answer and I don’t pay much attention to the ‘you can’t do it.’ I learn this word from my minster in church growing up and as a child it was just a funny word but as an adult I discovered that it is this very thing that can spell success or failure. “Stick-to-it-iveness” which means I stick to whatever I set my mind to. My company has had moments of real challenges but I remembered “Stick-to-it-iveness” I keep that in the forefront of my mind and stay the course because persistence pays off in the long run. I am living proof of that. Sure I have a long way to go but when I look back at 5 years ago I have come a long way as well. If I listened to the naysayers, got defeated by the stumbles or got too high off my own ego I wouldn’t be where I am today. Sure there is cause for celebration in times of success but I am constantly reminding myself not to let small victories get to my head and cloud the view ahead. Andrew Clarke, Jamaican American & Founder & Executive Director of Braata Productions.

I’ve always been persistent but flexible. I think it’s important to learn that you always have to try a different angle if the one you’ve been trying isn’t working as you’ve expected. But keep at it until you’re satisfied that you’ve done your best.  Shelli-Rai James, Jamaican & Creator of Straight From Yard.

My indomitable spirit. Nothing keeps me down or saps my spirit. This was instilled in me early by my grandmother and serves me still everyday. Brian Brown, Jamaican, Entertainer, Branson Center Entrepreneur & Global Shaper.

keep on keep going train tracks and trees

Keep learning, plan

One of my personal habits that attributes to success is my constant need for learning something new. I always need to know how to do things myself.  Nadia Vassell, Jamaican American & Beauty Stylist.


Planning that includes goal setting is essential. Tanayia Woolery, American & Social Entrepreneur – Woolery Kitchen.


Be kind

I would have to say I ‘m kind to everyone I meet. I say hello, smile and ask how they are doing. I strongly believe how you treat people directly impacts your success in life. The truth is we need each other to be successful, this is a team effort whether you are a solo entrepreneur or CEO of a public company. Kamila Campbell, Jamaican American & Creator of The Pink Locket.


Your Turn

What personal habit contributes to your success?


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