Caribbean American Entrepreneurs Define Success

Defining what it means to be successful

I can’t believe that it was a year ago that I launched the Interview Series.   Through the Interview Series & Podcast, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to interview various Caribbean American entrepreneurs.

Since we all have different perspectives, it was intentional that I asked all the entrepreneurs the same questions and it was amazing to see their responses.

In honor of the Interview Series 1 year anniversary, this is the first post in a series of post to highlight their responses to certain questions.

I asked each guest to define success and these are some of their responses:


…[Being successful] could easily mean money and tons of it, doing what you love of course but beyond that, success is happiness in what I do. The arts may not be the most rewarding profession especially when you don’t have a celebrity status; but I have been in corporate jobs making good money and having all the ‘fixings’ that spell success and I was not fulfilled. I gave that up to pursue what I love even though I wasn’t making as much money, I was happy [because] that was success for me. For performing artistes, success could be seeing your name in bright lights and being recognized everywhere you go. I won’t lie, yes, that is success too but success can simply be, being able to do what you love, being happy doing it and of course making some money while you’re at it. Andrew Clarke, Jamaican American & Founder & Executive Director of Braata Productions.

Success is doing what you love, people loving what you do, and  impacting the lives of others. Nadia Vassell, Jamaican American & Beauty Stylist.

what success means to Andrew Clarke of Braata Productions


I’ve started looking at [being successful] on a smaller scale. Success to me now is enjoying the moments that I’m in. For so long, I focused on building a future and working so much that it was impossible to enjoy the process and as a result made myself miserable. If I’m a better version of me today than I was yesterday, that’s success. Mikelah Rose, Jamaican American, Curator of Things Fly Caribbean & Chic 

It is all about being in alignment with your why, paired with being gentle with yourself when mistakes arise, providing a service/product with extreme satisfaction before sharing it with the world, and listening to clients/customers. Ginger vee Carter, Trinidadian American, Organic & Natural Skin Care Creator

success is being free to do what makes you happiest in life.


Being free to do what makes you happiest in life. Brian Brown, Jamaican, Entertainer, Branson Center Entrepreneur & Global Shaper.

The freedom to spend my time doing what I define as the most productive/beneficial activities for me. Shelli-Rai James, Jamaican & Creator of Straight From Yard.


Don’t Compare

I’ve learned over the years that I’m already successful and that I don’t need to define my success by comparing myself to others. I found the importance of celebrating milestones (big and small), doing that is what helps push me to achieve my next goal on the list. Kamila Campbell, Jamaican American & Creator of The Pink Locket.


Your Turn

How do you define success?

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