COF 011: Ginger-vee Carter of Champs de Fleurs

Champs de Fleurs Ginger Vee Carter Carry On Friends Podcast


On this episode of the podcast, we feature Ginger Vee Carter,  the Bath & Beauty skin care Creator of Champ de Fleurs Skin Care.

Ginger Vee assists women on their health journey by showing them which foods and natural ingredients will improve the look of their skin.

During our interview, Ginger was very transparent about challenges that led her to become and entrepreneur and the challenges she’s faced being an entrepreneur; some of which are self-imposed. Ginger offers tips on what she’s describes as “raising your vibration” and her practice of EFT Tapping.

Read more about Ginger Vee in part one of her feature on the Interview Series, Ginger Vee shares her definition of success

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