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Get Started With These Summer Book Reads

Summer’s here!

Well, not officially the summer solstice isn’t until June. However, Memorial day – the unofficial start of summer as come and gone why not get on with summer!  Insert summer happy dance one and another happy dance for summer – seriously click those links 🙂

Among other things, summer is reading (more) season, whether on the beach, on the plane on our way to our vacations or just on one of the lazy, laid back days of summer.

Something New

I want to incorporate books more into the blog in a more meaningful way. So, instead of a long list of book recommendations like I did last year,  this year, I’ll be doing something different for our summer book reads. Depending on the feedback, it’s very possible that this new book recommendations format could become a regular feature on the blog.

Starting in June, I’ll be featuring 3 book recommendations that you can choose from. The recommendations will include a mix of books for leisure, personal growth & business.

Favorite Books From Last Summer

To kick things off here are some of my favorite reads from last summer’s list – and other book recommendations we had throughout the year:

Not for everyday use


Roving Tree

An Untamed State


Next week on the podcast, I will discuss the 3 books that made an impact on me that you should also read.

Got an interesting book to recommend? Share it with us by posting in the comments below.


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