White Yardie

Cultural Reflections and Comedy Insights with White Yardie

The hilarious White Yardie takes center stage in our chat, sharing aspects of his life colored by his upbringing in the Jamaican countryside of St Elizabeth, his eventual move to England and his career in comedy. 

White Yardie, despite being born and raised in Jamaica, continually faces questions surrounding being white and speaking Jamaican patois. As a result, we discuss the stark difference between taking a culture and claiming it as your own, and celebrating others’ culture.

Our conversation branches out to the challenging arena of entertainment. He provides a candid insider’s view of the hurdles Caribbean comedians and actors encounter as they are overlooked for opportunities. With these frustrations in mind, White Yardie champions the idea of collaboration over competition.

The discussion evolves to encompass White Yardie’s tours in England, Canada and now, the US. He lifts the veil on the trials tied to securing performance venues and the overwhelming wave of support he’s netted from fans worldwide. Interestingly, he shares how he always able to keep his material fresh.

As we wrap up, he shares goals for both himself and Caribbean entertainment. We discuss the need for Caribbean people to take up space wherever we go. And he gets real about the personal difficulties he often faces behind-the-scenes, and how supporters help him to overcome them.

From exploring identity and representation to discussing opportunities in entertainment, this episode with White Yardie is a treasure trove of insights. Check out this episode and ride the wave of laughter, culture, and inspiration with us.

Key Points

  • As a white international comedian that speaks Jamaican patois, White Yardie discusses Jamaican identity and representation.
  • He provides insights into the entertainment arena, especially for Caribbean entertainers.
  • He shares on his tours and the audience’s reception.
  • White Yardie talks about his goals for himself and the expansion of Caribbean culture.

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