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Ep. 120: A Necessary + Important Check-in

We’re about to hit the 4th quarter of 2019 and I wanted to do this necessary check-in before the year ends because we’ve covered a lot of important content the last couple months.


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Key Episodes

  1. Ep. 116: The Facts about the Census with Keshia Morris 
  2. Ep. 117: Understanding Who you are to develop confidence with Mark Anthony Hill.
  3. Ep. 119: Barrel Stories: Migration and Family Separation.  

Submit questions for part 2 of my conversation with artist Mark Anthony Hill. Or email


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Hey, everyone, welcome to another episode of Carry On Friends, the Caribbean American podcast. As always, I’m excited that you’re listening. I’m your host Kerry-Ann. So today’s episode I’m calling a necessary check in a necessary check in because we are about to enter the fourth quarter of 2019. Yes, the year is almost over. Oh my gosh, it just in some aspects it feel like boy the year just start and in some aspects it feel like boy the year did long. Either way. I wanted to take this opportunity to catch up with you on a few episodes that we did that were real, that are still really important. And also a couple announcements.

Yep, like I said, 2019 is almost over three months left to the year. And typically, this is a time a year business is getting ready for end of year reviews, holiday time is coming up. So it’s going to get really busy. But I wanted to check in with you all before it got to that busy period. And I’m not waiting for a year and episode to have this conversation. 

So first, couple announcements, as you recall a few months ago, or earlier this year, rather, I’m saying a few months ago because it felt like a few months ago. But really it was at the top of the year I did an audience survey. And from the survey, I was very surprised to see that there were some requests to support Carry On Friends by donating. And so I am pleased to announce that you can now donate to Carry On Friends, whether it’s one time or monthly. And that’s starting at $10. I will include the link in the show notes. But you could go to And the donation options are really up to you. But I want to thank you for even suggesting that and considering donating to Carry On Friends, donating is going to help just support the platform, make sure that we are still producing high quality content. And I am grateful for your support and feedback and for allowing the show to be part of your experiences. 

So again, I’ve launched a site where you could donate to Carry On Friends. And you could go to And of course, I will put that in the show notes. So thank you, again, for rocking with me and thinking about the show and your suggestions and your feedback. I hear you; I see all your messages. So I really wanted to keep that coming. Because you know, this content that you know I create is definitely with you in mind and to have the conversations that we don’t get to have anywhere else. This is your little corner, or one of many corners that you have on the Internet that specifically speaks to you. All right, so thank you again for supporting Carry On Friends, by donating any amount that you choose to donate. All right. 

Another way you can support Carry On Friends, is of course buying merchandise, and you could go to, our t-shirts are really popular. And whenever I go to conferences or events, I wear the T-shirts and everyone says Hey, where can I get one of those. So you can also support Carry On Friends by purchasing one of the T-shirts. And that’s

All right, so now getting into some stuff that we’ve covered on the podcast for the last couple months. And I wanted to check in because these topics are important. And they’re going to be even more critically important as we go into 2020. So I wanted to give my reflection on a couple of these topics. And also ask you for your feedback and your questions on some of these topics. I did a call to action at the end of those episodes. But I really want to remind you because these topics in particular, are really, really important and they are long standing, I wouldn’t say issues, but they’re going to be discussions that will continue to happen as we push to the end of the year and go into 2020. 

All right, so the first show that I want to talk about and give some reflections is the census episode. Now the talk of the census is not currently dominating the news cycle. But I still wanted to really impress upon you how important the census is as we approach 2020. The Census, there’s a lot of scare tactics around the census and I get it, I really get it, there’s a genuine fear. And really that was that’s the point of what’s been happening. There’s a genuine fear about completing the census, because of potential ice raids or any other police action that could be taken if the census is completed. But the episode that I did with Keshia Morris from Common Cause she really broke down, what is the census, why the census is necessary, and what law enforcement cannot do with the census responses. And this, you know, at stake for our community is $800 billion.

A lot of what the census does is if we’re in New York City, which we’re going through gentrification, and it’s and traditional Caribbean communities and traditional Caribbean businesses are being pushed out. What happens is, when we don’t participate in the census, we basically are telling the federal government that don’t fund our communities for different things, hospitals will close, we will not have enough fire stations because we’re not giving an accurate count that we live in these communities, especially in cities, where we have multiple family homes, and only one of the one family in a three family house is filling out the form. So it’s really important for us to really get an accurate count, because that is only going to benefit our community our schools and the things that we rely on. We complain about a lot of stuff and that’s because the state doesn’t get the funding and the state doesn’t get the funding because the federal government doesn’t give the funding and the federal government is basing based on where they see the demographics and the census and growth in the population. 

And so in that episode, again, you know, Keshia specifically answers what is the census? What is the impact of the census? And what are the impacts of undercounting and undercounting is really what will impact us as a community if we don’t fill out the census form. The citizenship question is the question that has been dominating the news cycle. And the question is not really is like are you a citizen? Yes. Whether you are born here? Yes. You’re born on a military base? Yes, you’re a naturalized citizen. And then there’s the option no, if it said no, it’s not going to ask you which country you’re a citizen of. Because the reality is that question could apply to people from Canada, it could apply for students who are in the US at the time of the census. So you could be a Caribbean student who’s here going to college, you don’t live here, but you’re here going to college, you fill out that census as well, because you’re here on some kind of visa, and you fill out that census because you are living in the United States while you’re going to school, it doesn’t mean that you want to stay here because you probably maybe you have plans to go back home, the census is still for you, you are in the US borders at the time of the census. And again, Keshia goes over why we should all participate. 

In addition, on the website, I have a report from the Census Bureau that details all the programs that will be impacted by the census count. So be list of all the federal programs and all the other programs that we take for granted. And we rely on that may be at risk if there’s not an accurate count or under counting with the census. And also there’s a sample of the 2020 census based on a 2018 test that was done in Providence, Rhode Island; the only thing that’s not on there is the citizenship question. But the form itself is what the census would look like without the citizenship question and we went over the citizen citizenship question on the show. If you have not listened to the census episode, I recommend that you listen to that episode; I will put a link in the show notes. But that’s a very critical episode to listen to share it with your church friends, share it with your community organization, share it with your co workers, your family, your friends, share the importance of completing the census form, it is critically important. And I wanted to make sure that we have the facts as to what the census is what it isn’t outside of the politics, and just be informed and make the right decisions as this can impact our community. All right. 

And so if you after you’ve listened to that episode, or even before you listen to that episode, and you have questions, just shoot me an email., I will make sure if there are questions that I personally could answer or I could ask Keshia to answer, I will definitely do that. And I’ll be sharing this episode with people because it’s so necessary and so vital over the next couple months as we head into 2020 for the census. So please share, get the message out that the census is important and why the census should be completed. All right. So if you have any questions about the census, or any questions that that you want to ask me or Keshia just send an email

So the other thing that we just covered is the barrel stories. And that was such an impactful episode and it touches so many lives. And the feedback post that episode was really, really such a Wow, really important if you didn’t watch any of the short films, I really encouraged for you watch them. If you know anyone who’s had the experience, or anyone who’s still kind of having some emotional challenges around, you know, their experience as a barrel child, please, you know, there are a lot of resources that were shared, you could always reach out to Melissa, Meschida or Lisa, if you have any questions about resources that are available, the work is being done. There really, it’s such an important work. And I’m glad that there are people out there that are doing the work. And I’m really grateful that they were on the show to really enlighten me and the audience about the experience of family separation and migration. All right, so again, that was Episode 119

And so this is going to be a short episode because I really want you to go back and listen to the episodes I mentioned the census episode, the barrel episode. And this episode, that I’m about to mention because we’re about to record, part two of this interview that I did with Mark Hill on or knowing who you are to develop confidence. And there was such a good feedback on that episode. And I have some questions already. And I’m closing the questions at the end of this week. So if you haven’t submitted your questions, please submit your questions, you could check out that episode again. And we are doing an episode mostly on audience questions. But please take a listen to all those three episodes. Give an especially the episode with Mark because I’ll be doing the interview with him reading the question and answering those same those questions during the interview. But really, I wanted to do this brief episode. So you have the opportunity to catch up on these three episodes that I’ve mentioned in the show. So we get your questions, get the answers that you need. And also share the episodes with your individual community and your friends, your family. And yeah that is it for this episode. 

Really I didn’t want to go into a lot. Because it was really important that I convey the importance of the census episode sharing the work that’s being done around the barrel stories and getting your questions around how to develop confidence and knowing who you are with Mark Hill. I’m really excited about recording that episode. So please, please please submit your questions. I’ll put a link to the question form there in the show notes as well. And again, thank you again for supporting Carry On Friends, whether it’s buying a T-shirt through, or whether through the donation site which is Thank you guys 2020 will be five years since I’ve been doing Carry On Friends and it’s been an amazing five years. I really appreciate the support over the years. And I’m looking forward to what the future holds. And as I like to say at the end of the show, walk good.


Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is Founder & host of Carry On Friends one of the first podcasts dedicated to the Caribbean American Experience. She is leading the way for Caribbean Podcast as the founder of Breadfruit Media, the first Caribbean podcast production company; and founder of the Caribbean Podcast Directory a place to discover podcasts by people of Caribbean Heritage.