Exploring Dual Citizenship with AshFiMon and Keisha on Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

Exploring Dual Citizenship

Both Keisha and Ashely are American-born with strong Jamaican family ties. But, despite currently living in the United States, they decided to obtain their Jamaican citizenship and share their experiences with us. 

They highlight the dilemma that many can identify with: feeling like they can’t fully claim either the “American” or “Jamaican” title. Though they are of Jamaican heritage, were raised in Jamaican homes and live the Jamaican culture, they are often told that they are not Jamaican because they were not born there. But, to Americans, they are Jamaican.

In this podcast, the both Ashley and Keisha also dive into what inspired them to consider dual citizenship. Ashley explains that while she didn’t need validation from getting her Jamaican citizenship, it is an opportunity that exists and she chose to take advantage of it. She also encourages others to explore this option.

We also touch on dual citizenship for children. Keisha, who has applied for Jamaican citizenship for both her daughter and herself, shares that Jamaica feels like a second home and she wants her daughter to feel the same way through having official Jamaican citizenship.

Additionally, they speak about the application process for Jamaican citizenship. Due to COVID, the process has been delayed so those considering this option should manage expectations, and ensure that they have all the details and documents they need to avoid delays. The process is relatively simple and Ashley’s platform provides resources to help guide those interested in dual citizenship. 

While this conversation mainly focused on Jamaican citizenship, it can and should be extended to all other Caribbean countries. It’s a privilege to have dual citizenship and we should take advantage of it.

Key Points

  • There is sometimes an identity struggle when persons are American-born, but have strong Caribbean heritage.
  • Persons may consider dual citizenship for a variety of reasons.
  • Children can also obtain dual citizenship through descent.
  • Dual citizenship is a privilege that should be taken advantage of.

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