Jette Stubbs on Growing Your Career with the Happy Career Formula on the Carry On Friends The Caribbean Podcast

Growing Your Career with the Happy Career Formula

In the latest episode of Carry On Friends we explore the Happy Career Formula which helps us choose a career by aligning our interest into either a job, freelance business or service, so we can live life on our terms.

Kerry-Ann dived into this topic with Bahamian Jette Stubbs. Jette is a career coach and a business coach who lives between both the Bahamas and Canada. She’s also the host of the podcast Happy Career Formula with Jette Stubbs. 

Jette’s experience after graduating from a university in Canada was not unlike the experience many other Caribbean immigrants have faced. She had 90 days to find a job in Canada or go back to the Bahamas. She tells the story of her challenges in finding a job within that period, and what led her to go from 0% to 70% response rate to her job applications.

Jette also shares with listeners her experience with workplace racism. She talks about the need for diversity training across companies and the benefit of having a supportive work environment. Through this discussion we noted that positions of privilege often come in different forms, and this privilege can blind us to injustices when we are not directly affected by it.

She tells us about the challenges of living on a low student budget and the struggle to afford clothes for interviews. And we talk about the importance of selecting jobs based on our own needs to avoid the situation of making money but still being unhappy. 

With the understanding that we are responsible for designing a life that we enjoy, Jette teaches the Happy Career Formula. This Formula takes into consideration your own desires, the needs and demands of others, and the skills you need to meet their demands. The sweet spot where these three points overlap is what Jette describes as the “happy career.” A similar framework can be found in Carry on Friends’ resource: Ideal Job Worksheet.

Jette also debunks the misconception that education plus experience plus hard work equals success. Instead, she explains that we need to learn the skills to not only do the job, but also the skills to sell ourselves to get the job. 

Through this episode, we learn more proactive approaches to our career. These include being strategic in job searches and highlighting the results of your past experience to show how it can benefit a new organization. Jette also emphasized the need to be willing to learn and problem solve when you don’t have 100% of the skills.

Key Points

  • The Happy Career Formula helps persons choose a career by aligning their interest into either a job, freelance business or service, so they can live life on their terms.
  • Need to learn the skills to sell ourselves to get the job.
  • Education plus experience plus hard work does not equal success.
  • Need to take more strategic and proactive approaches to our career.

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