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How I Found & Work with my Tribe

“Friends would carry you, that’s a sure thing “, this is something my Grandma would say to me daily.

Since art and expression will always be heavily influenced by our environment why don’t entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives team up, share the positive energy and motivate each other? Hanging out with friends who may not have the same drive as you won’t motivate you as much as planned meet-ups and goal sharing with like-minded people.

How do you know someone belongs in your creative tribe?

This circle should be one that makes meeting up to chill yet having productive chats. After all, this isn’t a board meeting or anything but really just a space where positive energy and motivation transcends between each person. These persons may not necessarily have to be in your field of art or business, in fact some of our best criticisms come from persons who may be in a whole other field. The key is to have persons with the same long-term goal as you and that is SUCCESS.

Kristoff Alexander Tribe

Here’s my system:

1. Split the year’s goals into quarters. This allows you to schedule meet up every 3 months.

2. At these quarterly meetings with your tribe share what you have planned, set goals and talk about how you’re going to achieve them. Remember when you meet you must be open to suggestions.

3. Finally, Celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Your meetings shouldn’t be too strict. Plan a party at the end of the productive year.” All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

I guess after all that’s said the question remains, why is this important to do?In a time where life is such a hassle and everyone is trying to reach their full potentials sometimes we forget to share with each other. Competitiveness takes over the spirit of team work.

Perhaps spending a few times with a motivated group can take you to the next level. Isn’t that what we all want?


Kristoff Alexander

Kristoff Alexander is a young entrepreneur in the menswear field who hails from the forever festive Caribbean country,Trinidad and Tobago. He has experience in events management, branding & marketing.