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Are you Prepared for the Skills Revolution?

According to a report by Manpower Group, technology is playing a major role in what they are calling The Skills Revolution.

The speed at which we are advancing technologically is causing a skills disruption. Skills disruptions aren’t new but the frequency at which they are happening is unprecedented. For example, there’s not a need for bank tellers as we move to mobile and ebanking. When I started in the legal industry, there were clearly defined roles for secretaries and paralegals. But now these traditional roles no longer exist and technology has played a huge role.

Since, globalization and technological advances aren’t slowing down, more investment in the training and development of employees is very important. The report says, upskilling and reskilling of existing employees is one way to make sure that the workforce is equipped with the skills for the future.

Helping people upskill and adapt to a fast-changing world of work will be the defining challenge of our time. Those with the right skills will increasingly call the shots, create opportunities and choose how, where and when they work.

The report describes the importance of learnability which is the “desire and ability to learn new skills to stay relevant and remain employable.”

In the Skills Revolution jobs in the following area are expected to increase: IT, HR and Customer Facing Roles.

Click the link to download and read more about The Skills Revolution:


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