Raxann Chin on Taking the Leap: The Birth of Femheka with Raxann Chin on the Carry On Friends Podcast

Taking the Leap: The Birth of Femheka with Raxann Chin

This week I chat with my long-time friend, Raxann Chin. Raxann hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica and is a fashion designer, costume designer and stylist. We talk about Raxann’s professional journey and how to face tough decisions.

Raxann starts off by dispelling the myth that a costume designer and explains that a costume designer is someone who tells the story of a director through the characters. She decides what the character looks like and brings them to life.

Her journey has not been a straight or easy one. Raxann shares with us how she wrestled with tough decisions and career changes throughout the years. From her passion for art, to law school, then working on Wall Street and finally her own fashion line business.

After 20 years of working on Wall Street, she left after the 2008 market crash with no exit strategy. She took a leap, availed herself and showed up. And she now encourages us to invest in our dream, be inquisitive enough to find out information and get into spaces.

This is how she started her company, Femheka. Femheka is an umbrella company of wardrobe experiences which incorporates three different business lines. In this episode we get an inside look behind the brand’s meaning and the process of deciding on such a unique name.

If you are struggling to make decisions and figure things out in life, you are not alone. Agonizing over tough decisions is normal and it’s part of the process. Raxxan provides further advice on this and gives a few questions we should ask ourselves as we toil through decisions. 

Femheka has seen much success throughout the years. Some of Raxann’s most notable work includes working with companies like Coca Cola, the Empire State Building and Disney– with Disney being her biggest contract to date. Her work can also be seen in the Eric Garner documentary film, music videos, at award shows and in Harper’s Bazaar.

Mentioned in this episode:

Harper’s Bazaar

American Trial: The Eric Garner Story

Key Points

  • Raxann Chin chats with Kerry-Ann about her professional journey.
  • Raxann explains what a costume designer does.
  • She tells us about her careers, the decisions she had to make to get where she is now, and what we can do as we make tough decisions.
  • Femheka is a company owned by Raxxan that provides wardrobe experiences.
  • We learn the meaning behind the name “Femheka.”

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