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As West Indians/Caribbean Americans we tend to “nuh waan tell people wi business”. But sometimes you should share your story you never know who you will impact.

This weekend, while catching up with a dear friend, we discussed how a recent experience prompted her to give me a call right away because she remembered I went through the same thing. She said that because I shared my experience with her she now has an idea of what’s to come. Not that she’s not spoken to her other friends about it; but when you’re speaking with someone who has gone through the same thing, it’s different.

I recently discussed in a recent post Go and pursue it! that when we begin to share our stories we often times see similar patterns.

It takes courage to share your story. But everyone has a story and by sharing your experiences, successes, failures and lessons you help others. I believe we take similar journeys but are at different stages of the journey. And as a result sharing our stories will always help someone else wherever they are on their journey.

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A friend of mine told me about a book his friend wrote called I Love My Sister:And a Christian Walk – One Stiletto Step at a Time, by Shemekia Samuels. The author not only shared her very personal stories, insecurities, failures but also her triumphs, her Christian walk and faith principles whether you agree with them or not. In sharing your story, the goal isn’t to agree with every aspect of the story, but for someone else to take what resonates with them from the story and leave the rest.

When you share your story it might encouraged others because it is in the identification with the story-teller, the listener finds hope in their own circumstance and journey to success.

Don't be afraid to tell your story it will inspire others


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