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The Rise of The Side Hustle

To side hustle or not to side hustle?

Seems like almost everybody has a side hustle or more than one. But is having a side hustle right for you? Yeah you’re probably thinking “how can I reasonably manage a full-time job and a side hustle?” This article features the best of what’s on the web around this hot topic:

10 reasons everyone should have a side hustle

“The 40-40 Club is closed. The idea of working 40 hours per week for one company for 40 years is dead. So is the idea of climbing the corporate ladder and working in a cubicle. The world of work has changed. Companies aren’t loyal…With BIG companies doing massive layoffs at all levels, the high unemployment rates, depressed wages, and globalization, you have to start hedging your bets when it comes to how you make money. No matter how much money you make, having only one

This is a quote from Jullien Gordon’s article, “10 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Side Hustle”. Having been unemployed for several months with no residual income from a side hustle, Jullien does have a point.

You can also watch his TedxTalk where he offers good sound life and business advice on the perils of an ever shifting economy and the need to create multiple streams of income through side-hustles.

5 Tips to Chase Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit While Working a Full-Time Job

This recent article on, lays out “Five ways to build your entrepreneurial pursuit despite (and even with the help of) your nine-to-five job.”  At it’s core the article claims that you can be a successful entrepreneur while maintaining a full-time job. But points out the key to this joint endeavor is being efficient.


Managing Your Time

Maybe you’re already sold on the importance of having a side hustle. Now your challenge is you don’t know how you’re going to manage your time.

When was the last time you left your day job, drove home and sat completely idle for an entire evening?…You are probably pursuing multiple hobbies and additional sources of income well after closing time at your 9-to-5, which means your job doesn’t end at the onset of rush hour traffic—it’s just getting started.

In “New Balancing Act: Juggling Your Day Job, Side Hustle and Life” this Black Enterprise article provides five tips to “juggling it all.”

“Your time is your most precious asset when you have a full-time job and a side hustle.” Here’s another video from Jullien Gordon called  “How To Manage Your Time Spent On Your Side Hustle“. This video discusses how to maximize the one resource that everyone gets an equal share – TIME.

More Resources

Here are two videos from Paul Carrick Brunson’s Mentor Monday which might give more insight. The first video focuses on entrepreneurship and what it takes to be one. The second video focuses on monetization where the panelists discuss “how they have created multiple revenue streams to create more profit and better serve their audiences.”


Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people.

Check out #MentorMonday S21: Entrepreneur Panel #1 on Spreecast.

Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people.

Check out #MentorMonday S26: Monetization Panel #1 on Spreecast.


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