Time for a Career Check Up?

Timex clock time for a career check up

Is it time for a career check up?

I recommend that everyone should do a career check up at least once a year. Or as many times your employer does performance reviews.

Just as employers evaluate you, it is imperative that you should evaluate whether your employer and your career is performing at the level you want it to. This goes beyond asking yourself:

  1. “Do I still want to work here”; or
  2. “Do I want to continue to work in this role/department etc?”

It’s thinking about and making plans about where and how to move from where you currently are in your career.

I have been guilty of being complacent because I’m comfortable with the flexibility I have at a job. Not that it’s a bad thing to have flexibility and be content at work. It does become a problem when you allow flexibility and content to trump career growth. There’s also the fear of asking for a promotion or taking the leap of faith to start your dream career. Or whatever the reason that you’re using. It’s important for us to learn that we should not operate in fear if you are looking to advance your career.

Get Me Outta Here

Knowing when to leave is more important that just quitting a job.  Signs that your job is no longer a got fit for you includes:

  1. Lack of passion

  2. The company is sinking

  3. You dislike the people (includes coworkers or boss)

  4. You’re consistently unhappy, stressed out

The signs aren’t always negative. For instance, the numerous emails and calls from recruiters are good indicators of hot industries or companies that are hiring. Which may lead to better opportunities. I wish I had known this earlier!

Staying Put

If you’ve determined that you’re working where you want to be but could use some career growth then you will need to actively manage your career progression. As yourself:

  1. Are you setting career goals?
  2. Have you established or is maintaining effective mentor mentee relationships?
  3. How are you staying relevant?

It’s time to take charge of your own career planning!

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