4 Simple Ways To Uncover Your Gifts & Purpose

woman sitting with aha moment

Supporting Each Other Uncover Our Gifts & Purpose

4 Simple Ways to Uncover Your Gifts and Purpose is an article, I wrote for a by blog TiffyTalks by Tiffany Wilson.  You might remember Tiffany, affectionately known as Tiffy by her recent guest article 3 Amazingly Practical Ways to Get Unstuck before the New Year. 

Tiffany and I met at the Blogging While Brown Conference, held last year in Harlem. Tiffany is a coach who is committed to helping women embrace their voice and God-given gifts. She believes that as women #GetEngaged with their authentic selves, life will open up in extraordinary ways, most importantly, the powerful ability to give and receive love.

Promises & Compliments

In alignment with her platform and audience, my article spoke about the challenges that I experienced while in pursuit of my gifts and purpose. I also included four strategies that has helped me uncover my gifts and purpose; strategies that I still use. There’s been a lot of great feedback about this post, especially about the Promises & Compliments Journal.

What’s the Promises & Compliments Journal? Read more over at TiffyTalks.

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