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Article Roundup: Caribbean Cultural Edition

 Caribbean Culture Link Lovin’

My Jamaican and Caribbean culture at large is a proud badge that I wear because I love my heritage.  And yes, while the blog and podcast focuses on business and career resources for the Caribbean American. I can’t leave out di culture.  Which is why This edition of the article roundup is all about we culture.

“Jamaica is an “always on” trend”

Is Tommy Hilfiger’s S/S 2016 Collection an Appropriation of Jamaican Culture?

by Miss Mikelah of Style & Vibes

Jamaica’s culture has always had an alluring feel, when it comes to mainstream culture. Jamaican culture, unfortunately to the mass has been synonymously equated to “The Caribbean” (an incorrect idea that is not completely dismissed by my fellow peeps…tell the truth!) Jamaica has always been met with open arms with a plethora of inspired artistry. Hilfiger is not the first designer, artist or brand to be inspired and he won’t be the last. Every couple of months I see something mainstream inspired by Jamaica or reggae music in general…

Check out the article yourself and let me know if you think the collection is an appropriation of Jamaican Culture.

Trinidad And Tobago Film Festival Recap

by Alysia Simone of Rewind And Come Again

We are excited about the rise of Caribbean American Filmmakers and we one of our favorite cultural blogs, Rewind And Come Again always keeps us in the loop of the happenings.

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, now in it’s 10th year, is the longest running and most robust celebration of Caribbean cinema in the industry. Screening films from all over the region, with particular focus and love shown to Trini films…It’s an exciting time to be involved in Caribbean film. The industry is on the cusp of an evolution. Increased access to information and equipment, along with a renewed passion to tell their stories for themselves, has resulted in a Caribbean cinematic renaissance.


Top 7 Jamaican Films

I’m a sucker for nostalgia. So imagine my excitement with the Caribbean Film Academy “big up” some of my favorite and classic Jamaican films. Check out the article to see which seven films made the list.


Caribbean Earning Power

An interest article has been circulating about the earning power of Caribbean Immigrants.

As the black population in the United States grows, the diversity in the black community is unprecedented. According to new research by Nielsen, the number of black immigrants in the U.S. has more than doubled since 1980, to a record 3.8 million…. Black immigrants from Africa are driving the recent growth in immigration…Still, the Caribbean population accounts for nearly 50% of all blacks, with most coming from Jamaica.  As the ‘different flavors of black’ emerge, different economies are also emerging. The Nielsen research finds that the median household income for foreign-born blacks is 30% higher than U.S.-born blacks.

What’s your view on this bit of information. Show come love in the comments section below.



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