Business Lessons from Corporate America

In the latest episode of Carry On Friends we explore the dynamics of being a Caribbean multi-national, and how working in corporate America influences business, even in the Caribbean.

We dived into all of this with Guyana-born Jay Warde. He is a successful businessman who resides in both St. Lucia and America. With years of experience in corporate America, he shares his greatest lessons in business.

For Jay, migrating to the United States 15 years ago was not without the cultural shocks and adjustments that many Caribbean-born immigrants can relate to. But, due to his courage, boldness in interacting with others, and desire to advance himself and gain a deeper understanding of business, Jay was able to flourish in corporate America. 

In this episode, Jay explained that through his experience in the corporate world of America, he learned that business is not for the faint of heart. In order to advance your career or get more money, you need to have grit. He described business as “war without guns” and it is this mindset that he continues to have until today.

We also discussed other important lessons he learned from working in corporate America. Jay shared that time management is a crucial skill to have in business. Also, it is important to focus on details and critically think through situations and ideas. Finally, he emphasized the need to believe in yourself, as he attributed his high level of successes in corporate America to his self-belief.

Though Jay eventually took a chance and left corporate America to live the life of his dreams with his family, and start doing business for himself, he is still able to use these lessons learned in his more recent endeavors. He is now working on a multi-million US dollar real estate healthcare deal to start a senior care village in St. Lucia.

As we wrapped up the episode, we explored the idea that many persons from within the Caribbean have desires to go abroad for greater opportunities. Jay encourages us to believe that our Caribbean culture and style is not below that of other nations, and we can no longer say that the Caribbean lacks opportunities, skill or even the right people for business success. 

Key Points

  • There is a culture shock when immigrating to America and it requires adjustment.
  • Jay believes that business is not for the faint of heart and it is like “war without guns.”
  • Time management, being detail-oriented and believing in yourself are all important factors in business success.
  • Caribbean people are equally skilled and talented compared to those of other countries.

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